The Made-Up Grumps

This sign was used for another event, but felt equally relevant. 

Yesterday was one of my grumpier days. You know, the kind where nothing in your life is fair, you're mad at everything and nothing all at the same time, and you feel as if at any point you may just burst into tears, collapse on the floor, and wallow in the made-up misery that is yours and yours alone. Because sometimes the misery is real and sometimes the misery consumes you in all ways justifiable, but yesterday well, it was mostly just filled with the fake kind of misery where you spend the whole day making up reasons why it's your right to be sad. And while I do attribute some of these irrational emotions to that annoying time in a girl's life, I mostly feel they came from just that natural cycle of the good and bad days we all have. And sometimes they're bad for no dang reason other than fact that they just are. You know?

I first realized the day was dumb when I couldn't find the shirt I wanted to wear for the day and after looking through my closet for the 11th time I started to feel my nose burning like it does right before you're about to start crying and then I stopped for a second and was all, "Am I about to cry because I can't find a shirt?" And I felt my 15-year-old self coming out all over again, irrational and slightly bipolar. Then later I tried to make lunch but for the unapparent reasons I have mentioned above, I wasn't feeling patient enough to crisp the bread just so and melt the cheese in all the right ways so it ended up mediocre at best, and so there was another really valid reason to be mad at nothing.

Then I had to go to work and talk to people which, you know. The people were all like "blah, blah, blah" all day long, and really what's a girl to do when this is the kind of day she's decided to have? Not snap out of it, that's for sure! Because I am not a quitter. Is at least what I always say....

Finally, the day came to an end and I got to go home. I walked in the door and that husband of mine, well, he sees right through me all of the time. I went into the kitchen to start making dinner in a very slow-motion, silent whiny sort of way, and then Taylor came in and grabbed my shoulders, pushed me out of the kitchen, told me to go upstairs, change my clothes, regroup, get The Bachelorette ready on Hulu, and when I came back downstairs dinner would be ready. And I could have melted in his arms that very minute.

And so without a word of resistance I went upstairs and did all of those things and when I came back down dinner was ready as promised. We sat down to our couch with the computer on our coffee table, chili cheese dogs on our laps, (heavy on the onions please) made fun of all the dumbo's who claimed to be in love after two weeks (as I silently remembered that Taylor made such a claim in just that amount of time, but it's different when it's you, right?? And gosh, I will never forget that night; standing on my front porch, his arms all of a sudden shaky from mustering the courage, asking him if he suddenly got cold, quickly responding no, and instantly realizing that he was about to utter those three little words that change a person's life forever.) and never had I felt so content.

And sometimes all you need is a good chili cheese dog and a husband who knows you better than you know yourself to snap out of the made-up bad mood you put yourself in in the first place.


  1. I love this post soo much!! I just read it aloud to Ryker :) he listened the whole time!! Isn't that the best when they know just what to do and say?? You and Taylor are so perfect for each other!! I love your love story!

  2. Soooo cute Rachel! I have felt the same way this week! Love your post. Miss you!

  3. "Those 3 words" after only 2 weeks must be in the Godard blood. Can't remember if Kelsie and I told you our story, but you should ask her how long after we met she felt that way. :D

  4. Definitely a Godard trait. Dad said those words to me on...ta-da!...our second date. I was like, um, noooo.

  5. Two weeks??? Slow pokes!! I was engaged by then!!! ;o) Wonderful post, Rae. I love that Taylor-boy for all that he is to you. Let's review who brought you together in the first place... Oh yeah, the Lord, but I, YES LOWLY ME, was allowed to be the mouthpiece. I think that earns me eternal bragging rights, yes I do.


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