Things That Are Worth It

This weekend Taylor and I got to go to Utah. And I lived in Salt Lake City once upon a time, for a short time really, but because of that it was all quite nostalgic; what with its mountains on end, canyons for days, and so many In-N-Out's it hurts, it all just felt so very, very right. It was just the kind of weekend the doctor would order if I actually had one.

And what is it about being in a city that just makes you feel "home." I can't explain it really and I don't think I ever would have appreciated it (nor would I have ever considered Utah a "city") had I never lived in a town with approximately 5 restaurants and 3 clothing stores...including Walmart. But I mean, now it's like I couldn't stop staring at all the places I could choose to eat, the endless amount of stores that want my money, and well, I have never been more willing to succumb and buy everything I came into contact with, because that's what living in a small town will do to you, I guess.

But so it was there that we attended a wedding and all that it entails. And what is it about those things that always make me cry? I mean, I didn't even know the couple, (it was a friend of Taylor's) but alas, just when you think you're going to get through it with a certain level of collectedness and dignity, all of sudden you don't, and you're wiping the tears from your eyes before they can fall to your cheeks. And it's also in that moment that you realize your husband is sniffing next to you and you lean your face straight into his just to be sure and notice that his eyes are red, and your heart just melts because the only other time you've seen him cry was at your own wedding. And geesh, I will love weddings until the day I die.

In addition to the wedding, we also went scooter riding, (duh) graced In-N-Out with our presence, (twice. because well, I have been counting down the days since June) went to the movies, drove an hour for the best wings around, met up with one of my best friend's for a much needed shopping/catching up/Sonic drinking rendezvous, and as I left Utah my heart was full realizing, for maybe the millionth time in my life, that I am one lucky, lucky girl.

Taylor always has two scooters in his trunk. Because you just never know. 
Guys, this is a serious butt exercise!

If I were a meal, this would be it. I'll leave it up to you to decide what that means. 

Pure joy. 
Taylor and the Groom.
We were really "workin' it"

So long Utah. Thanks for good weather, nice individuals, and all the restaurants I could ever dream of, but mostly, thanks for In-N-Out.


  1. Something very Wyeth about the top photo. Caption ought to be "Rachel's World."

  2. Hahahahaaa! You're awesome. That's all I have to say about this one. :D

  3. Hmmmm... apparently I do have more to say about this one:
    Could you be prettier?? I submit that you could not.
    Holy cow, I make 'em gorgeous!!! That's right. Oh yeah~~
    Just a public service I offer.


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