A Day In The Life of Me

(so I google imaged 'alarm clocks' and this one BY FAR was my favorite)

So, this morning I slept through my first class. It may or may not have been intentional. But come on it was math. Who wants to go learn about statistics and such at 8 in the morning? Not me. And so I slept. Why was I so tired you ask? Well I'll tell you. So that speech that I 'started' doing on Thursday was due today. Do you know when I actually in real life started it? Last night. Amazing aren't I?

Ironically enough, my speech was on Instant Gratification and how we need to sacrifice the immediate for the eternal (or in Laman's terms, don't waste your time doing dumb things, cowboy up and do important stuff first) I think I need to listen to myself.

But that's not as bad as the kid that gave his speech on voting importance and then when asked at the end of his speech if he voted he said, "Well...No." Classic I tell you. But the points he made were still really great, and valid at that, so I'll give it to him.

So then, after my speech was over, relief flooded my heart and all was well in life again. And then I went and ate a piece of pizza. It was music to my heart....metaphorically speaking of course.

Then I went to work where lots of things went wrong and we had to send out 8 gabillion emails to fix the mistake, and then I wrote a note to my co-worker regarding unsatisfied jamba juice cravings, nail polish that I wanted, and hairspray that she might recommend. And then I answered some phone calls where after asking one lady her name she told me that even though she sounded like a man, she was a woman and that her name was *Julianne. And in my head I said "Ok, sounds good."
(*name has been changed for protection)

Then I called my sis and we discussed some things, that I am not at liberty to say, regarding a certain someone in our life who is just a little bit older than us, who likes long walks on the beach, chocolate, her children, and curling up with a good book. Oh and did I happen to mention that she is very beautiful and single?!! (I know that A LOT of men read this blog)..oh and also she loves dirt, grease stains on her clothes, football, and cheese fries. (don't worry mom, I got your back) And also, she may or may not have a birthday coming up in 2 days! And who doesn't love a good birthday?! More on that later.

And then I left work, I hopped in my car, talked to a dear old compadre on the way home, and then I warmed up some fish sticks in the microwave. Have you ever done that? I don't recommend it, they were seriously sick and felt like a floppy, sick.....fish stick I guess. So after eating 2 of the 8 that I warmed up and deciding they were too sick for words, I felt that a corn dog would better satisfy my hunger pains. And do you know that it did? I stuck that frozen sucker in the microwave and blew it up like a balloon until it exploded, just like I did when I was just a young chap ,and I ate that little dog...every. last. bite. My husband is going to be a lucky, lucky man.

Ok bed for me now is time. Tomorrow's the big day!...if you know what I mean.

Smooches!... You know, just in case you have no one to kiss you goodnight. And if you do, well then you go smooch the heck out of them right now! And I mean it.