So if there is one thing that I am REALLY good at, it's procrastinating. And I mean really good. Even as we speak I sat down at my computer an HOUR ago to start on a speech that's due on Monday and I have done every possible thing imaginable to avoid that blank word document with the blinking line waiting for me to write the first word. No Thanks.
So I decided to write on this thing. After all, I haven't written on here for 82 billion years so what better time than when I'm supposed to be doing something really important? My thoughts exactly.

So what should I write about? No agenda... nothing happening....Boy are you in for some good reading!
...................Oh wait, I just remembered some stuff....

#1. I'm listening to Pandora (go to it, it's amazing: right now. Current Radio station is Ingrid Michaelson. She's great. I keep singing to her songs and it's making me type what I sing. It's making for some interesting sentences.

#2. Arizona is officially COLD! Ok, cold for a little Arizonan girl at least. I mean come on guys, it's 72 and I'm used to low 90's at best.

#3. I'm going to a reception tonight for a girl in my ward. What to wear? Maybe I'll meet a mysterious man there and we'll fall madly in love and live happily ever after. Probably. Stay tuned.

#4. Before the reception I'm going to do a work out from one of the P90x videos. I'll report on that later. Never done it and I'm feeling like I might die. My work out regimen has suffered significantly with this whole school mumbo jumbo. But I love school, so I guess I'll forgive it. No but really, I really love school. It makes me more interesting to talk to and stuff.

#5. This morning while listening some great tunes, I cleaned out the fridge. There was some pretty sick stuff in there. Pizza that was possibly 3 months old, tomatoes that looked like raisins, cheese that was more green than orange, I could go on but I won't. That's what happens without a Mom around. Next are the bathrooms. No thanks. That's why I came to do homework but somehow ended up doing this. Maybe I'll clean after this post so I don't have to start on the speech. By the way, I have a love/hate relationship with my speech class. I freak out like a child learning how to ride a bike before every speech but surprisingly once I'm up there, I'm starting to pedal like a champ. (That was a seriously good analogy I just made up) My teacher records us and makes us watch ourselves after we give them. The first encounter with myself was painful. By the third, it was at least bearable. Maybe this one will actually be somewhat enjoyable.

#6. I am SOOOO excited for Christmas!! Oh my gosh I love it! I love every part of it. To get really excited for it please view this:
Now go watch the movie. You'll be more excited for Christmas than ever. Side note: I showed that clip to some co-workers yesterday and they all said that I reminded them of Elf. What do you think that means?

#7. On Halloween eve, my friends and I decided to watch The Sixth Sense to get in to the Halloween Spirit. I hate scary movies so much, I usually avoid them at all costs, but I was feeling especially in the Halloween Spirit this night. And so I watched. Then that night, as I was getting home, the house was pitch black and I was looking down at my phone texting my friend and then screamed because in my house, there was a person, and I just ran into them!! Scary right?! Turns out it was the wall. But seriously it might as well have been a person. Sometimes at night, when I make things up in my head, I have to turn off my light and then run to my bed because I'm a big fat baby and I mean obviously there there is something terrible under my bed that is going to get me.

#8. When I was like 8 my mom had individual pictures of all the kids put up on the wall behind the couch. So every day I would go and kiss my picture, I mean and why wouldn't you? I was seriously cute, I looked something like this:
I was obsessed with me. I kissed it so much that one day the picture fell and then it broke. My brother made fun of me for life. Luckily, since then I've learned how to punch him so that it actually hurts. And then he tries to give me a swirly, and then I pour water on his head, and the cycle really never ends.

#9. I'm feeling a little on the hungry side. I did just go grocery shopping the other day, but I don't want to eat anything I bought.....Oh wait, I have Oreo's in there!... Don't mind if I do.

#10. Alright folks, (and by folks I mean Mom, Heather, and Annie) I've used up all of my really interesting topics for the day so I'm going to have to bid you farewell.

I'm going to go eat some of those cookies with milk. Feel free to follow in my footsteps.



  1. You are seriously a good writer, and funny! Those P90X workouts are killer! I couldn't walk normally for like 5 days after I did the plyometrics for the first time.

    I seriously love Pandora. I get it on my phone which means every where I go and I listen to it all the time.

    I love you sista'. And I can't wait to see you again.

  2. OMGSH, you just brightened by whole day! You should write more. You should write a book. You should write lots of books. I am not kidding. I loved everything you said and I loved the way you said it. My only problem with you really, is that you might be just a little too spiritual, but we can work on that. ;) Ummm... remind me to tell you my own personal what's-under-the-bed story. I was about your age when it happened. It took me one year to get over. And PLEASE, procrastinate more often and write about it. Loves and hugs and missing-you's to my wonderful, talented, creative, beautiful daughter~~~ Mum


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