Results Are In

(I don't know these people, just seemed effective for my topic)

Welp kids, it turns out that my mystery man was not at the wedding! Can you believe it?! I was so counting on that. Oh well, probably next week at the grocery store while I'm buying bread, he'll be picking up some bagels for his sick Grandma who can't live without the carbs, we'll glance over at one another, then we'll both do a double take, we'll walk over to each other, maintaining eye contact all the while of course, and then we will hold hands with bread and bagels in hand, faces inches apart and then we will embrace. It will all be history from there. I'll let you know what day it happens. Tuesday most likely, reason being, I have 3 more days left of milk for cereal, so naturally I will have to go to the grocery store and then I will take a little stroll past the bread aisle because well, that's where my eternal companion will be waiting for me. Oh my gosh I cannot wait!

So guys, that P90X workout was death, as was expected. I was panting like a 12 year old dog. (That's really old for a dog, it's like 48 in dog years, I know that because you just multiply their human age by the number of legs they have) I did it at my friends house while she was making some crafts for her young women in her ward and she kept yelling at me every time I would cheat and stop early. No Mercy I tell you. It was a struggle. What doesn't make you stronger kills you, is what I always say...or something like that.

Also, we did this really amazing photo scavenger hunt last night. It was seriously a hoot. That's right, a hoot. We were given a list of all kinds of weird things we had to do and take pictures. To recap here's what happened. We got kicked out of Wal-mart after I asked a worker if I could ask him to marry me, he said, "No, you're going to get in trouble, there is security right there, you can't take pictures!" So I said "Do you even know who I am?! and for dramatic effect I flipped my hair as I turned around and left, and then we went to McDonald's and I got down on one knee and asked a 16 year old smoker to marry me there, and he on the other hand, was more than happy to oblige. We got some guy to put on some heels and take a picture, we all climbed in a McDonald's slide and took a great pic. Oh and also, we found a man with a mullet AND a mustache, (the mustache was 2 extra points, we were thrilled) and then we wrapped my friend in red saran wrap.

We won the award for most creative...they couldn't give us all the awards, they would have felt too bad for the other teams. I wish I had these pictures to show, I know it'd really make this string of events a lot more interesting for you, but it wasn't my camera and they haven't been posted on FB (Facebook for all you old timers out offense) yet. And then we went back to some leader guy's house for a great bbq with bonfires and all. It was an amazing night filled with magic and memories, kicks and giggles.
Tonight was boring though so I won't report on that, because that might ruin my reputation.
Ok I need to go to bed now. Sweet dreams!

KEKE (that means shaking hands, and giving high fives. You know, like hugs and kisses only different, cause I mean how did they get hugs and kisses out of XOXO? That's my question)


  1. Ok. You are officially hillarious! I'd love to see those pictures of you acting like a 12 year old girl. Er... I mean, like an awesome young adult.

    I can totally see your fairy tale meeting of your special man taking place right now in my mind! Let me know on Tuesday how that worked out for you.

    Well, you better go and recover from your P90X workout now, 'cause I think mister "IT" could get distracted from seeing you as his "happily ever after" if you are walking around like a t-rex.

    DGDG - Just use your imagination.

  2. hahahahah rader you are dain funny!! Please write every day it makes me really happy! I've been sitting here with a big smile on my face ever since I started seriously your the best. and i agree with mother you should write a book or something like that


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