belief. believe. belove.

of all the things i believe, here is what i believe in most:

i believe in eating popcorn every time you watch a movie.
i believe in treating yourself to a new something anytime you accomplish something big or small.
i believe in change.
i believe in contentedness.
i believe in true, head over heels, googly eyed, heart pounding, can't think straight love.
i believe that good things come to those who act.
i believe in listening to music.
i believe in listening to the quiet.
i believe that a few minutes in front of a real life ocean can fix most anything.
i believe that laughing till your stomach hurts is the cure to any bad day. and if that doesn't work hold a newborn baby. (if you need one just let me know, i know lots)
i believe in siblingdree love.
i believe that trials make us more interesting.
i believe in self-worth.
i believe in being your own you. i also believe in finding out who that is.
i believe in mothers who dance in the car and can make you smile when you want to frown.
i believe that few things in our life will ever work out the way we expected.
i believe that in the end, life is always better than we expected.
i believe in fathers who love their children and would do anything to provide for their family.
i believe in good friends.
i believe in playing in the rain.
i believe in letting people into your heart.
i believe in life loving.


  1. Love this list of beliefs!

    Thanks for the day brightener.

  2. I believe you are an outstanding writer. This spoke to my heart. Love all of those things... especially the head over heels, googly eyed, heart pounding, can't think straight love. Can't wait for THAT. I believe it will happen for both of us sooner than later!


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