Can't Sleep...

(this is what it looked like when I woke up this morning)

This morning I woke up at 5:51 a.m. 5:51 people!!! I was so mad! I laid there for a while and then my brain started working and then I thought about really pointless, dumb things, like what I was going to wear today, or how I needed to finish my lab assignment, and how my breath really smelled bad, and then I remembered that I had to go to the bathroom, because you always do when you just wake up, so I got up and then that woke me up even more. But at this point it was 6:15 and I refused to be awake for the day. So then I crawled back in bed and made myself fall back asleep, but then I had like 12 really weird dreams (that I won't go into detail about because no one really cares about other peoples dreams, especially when you start explaining it and then it starts making no sense, and then you stop explaining it because you don't remember 90% of the dream, even though you were sure would when you started the explanation, and so then you end it with "it was just really weird" and the unfortunate person listening nods their head saying, 'ohhhh' wishing that they could get the last 5 minutes of their life back) in a matter of 30 min and woke up again at 6:45 and knew that I wasn't falling back asleep.

And so here I am. Sitting here. Listening to church music waiting for some inspiration to come to me so I can give it to you.
But as it turns out about 10 minutes has passed since I wrote that last sentence, so alas, no inspiration will be coming from me to you this Sabbath morning. So, although I know many of you depend on me for your spiritual well being I guess you'll just have to get it the good old fashioned way, you know, SPP. ( for those of you who haven't been keeping up on your acronyms that's- search, ponder, and pray)

ALSO!!!!.... I leave for California in about 2 hours!! Just me, my mom, and my sista. We have nothing planned. at all. We're pretty much just driving until we see the beach and then we will stop. Maybe tomorrow we'll go shopping, or beach walking/people watching, eat some hot dogs, probably a smoothie or two, buy an ugly tourist shirt that says "San Diego, California" on it just so I can take it home and wear it to bed every night, because don't you just love that pajama shirt that just fits you the perfect amount of loose?? Oh and also, we're going to rent some beach cruisers that I will pay extra for it to have a horn on it, so I can honk it at all the people that get in my way. Oh I just cannot wait!!

Ok, well since I haven't even started packing/showered/eaten breakfast/switched my laundry/cleaned my room (because what is worse than coming home from a trip to a disasterous room? Answer: nothing) I should probably go.

Well, as it turns out there are actually plenty of other things I should have been doing rather than writing on here. But I do it for my fans. So fans? You are welcome.



  1. You are hilarious!! I love you explanation about dreams. So true. I hope you have fun in California. Mom is SO excited!!!


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