I wanna.

(This is the essence of my post really anyways.)
I wanna eat a whole tub of nestle's chocolate chip cookie dough today. Why? Because I just love cookie dough, ok? Who doesn't though is my question?

I wanna lay outside with a blanket, on the grass, listen to my favorite songs, and stare up at the cloudless sky getting lost in the blue that never ends.

I wanna write a blog post about what I wanna do today. (talk about making dreams come true!)

I wanna drink a Barq's rootbeer.

I wanna go ride a ripstick in South Dakota with my little bro, who is taller than me, and who is also waaaaaaay better than me.

I wanna eat a hamburger from In-n-Out with nothing on it but sauce and cheese. and fries on the side.

I wanna hold my two new neices who are theeeee cutest.

I wanna go hike some sort of mountain.

I wanna wear my super cute, new, polka dot bathing suit even though it's cold.

But do you know what I think I'll do today instead? I think I'll go to school, study, go to work, eat some week old pizza and crackers, and write on my blog when I should be working.



  1. hahah you are so dain cute! I wanna write like you...talk like you.., a woo hoo hoo. hah get it from mogley from Jungle book. your the best. that day does sounds like quite a dream in fact. I'd like to be invited k? love ya!

  2. Im going to comment on EVERY post... because I can. And because I want to. And because each one deserves recognition.... this is gonna be a long night...


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