Ode to Change

Dear Change,

Oh how I just LOVE you these days. Oh but didn't you know?! You're quite wonderful to my mind and, as of late, you have been wonderously (i dont' think that's a word) pleasing to my soul. If you had a face, (and given that you were a boy, an attractive one please) I would kiss it all the day long.
Did you know that you have come into my life many times prior to this occassion and I was maybe not so willing to kiss you or even to acknowledge your presence? Because you were probably kind of rude back then. So, more or less it's mostly your fault that you were ignored, but don't you think?

Anyway, lucky for you I believe in turning the other cheek and and also in the power of forgiveness, so I have chosen to put the past behind us and look foward with a bright future in store. Oh but aren't you lucky?!

I feel like you have a lot of really great things coming my way. I see maybe a big move in the very near future.

And I mean, I don't want to hurt Arizona's feelings or anything, but it has worn out it's welcome in this here life of mine.
So, since a piece of land can't get up and leave me, I am going to get up and leave it. I feel like that's fair.

I'm thinking Summer. Only a few months away! I feel great about that. What will I do? No idea. Where will I live? Well, wouldn't I like to know. Will I fall in love? Well of course I will!
So, if ALL of my readers (i have lots of them) will just stay tuned, these questions will all be answered in at least one months time! OK, most of these questions will be answered.

Oh, but isn't this so exciting?!

So Change, to sum up, I would like to thank you first and foremost for being so great. And also, I ask that you remain on my good side, so as that I will not have to go back on to this post and retract all of these kind statments that I have made in regards to you.
With Sincerity and True Love,
Rache to the L.


  1. Why can't you just marry an accountant and stay here with me?

  2. Please oh please oh please come here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is the best. A letter to change. You're so wonderful and creative! That change better treat you well- or it'll have to answer to me!! Don't worry, I got your back!! I'm so excited for this summer- I could just die! But I wont, because that's the kind of change I'm not really ready for yet. Love u.


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