Today is a day of thinking I think. It's something I like to do in my sparetime, in my busytime, in my layinginbedbeforeifallasleeptime, mostly all of the time. It's one of my many talents really. Some days are more than others. Today is one of those morethanothers days. It's a good thinking day though. You know those other days where you all you can possibly think about are all of the things going weird and seemingly wrong in your life? Well, today is just NOT one of those! And oh how I love that news.
Today has turned out to be a day of hope, of optimism, of good things to come. and that my friend is just lovely.
Would you like to know some of the things I have thought about?
Alright, alright already I will tell you, just hold your horses! (my dad always said that when we were little. He would also say, "oh bologna!" and "cool your jets!". what would we do without dads?)
Anyway back to my thoughts....

I really enjoy this life of mine these days. I feel empowered lately to be anyone the world I want to be. There are no limits. No but really there aren't. Not for anyone in this here world. We can ALL do anything that we want to do. Anything!! Can you believe it?? Sometimes it's hard to fathom that we can literally be whoever we want to be. Sometimes I think we give ourselves limits to our own lives. But what if we didn't, you know? What if we didn't let people's opinions or fear of failure stop us from becoming who we REALLY want to be? WHAT IF? What do you think?
It's kind of an amazing thought to think. You know, because only we limit our potential.

I also thought about how envying others and their lives can destroy us. Because who is better than us anyway? No one. Not one person is better than us, and we are better than no one. We are all equally important and different. What if we thought about ourselves as equally important and different, rather than worse or better? I thought about the times that I have allowed envy to consume me. You know, wishing I were as successful as that person, or as confident as him, or as pretty as her. But then what good do those thoughts do us anyway? Absolutely, positively none. None good. I mean have you ever felt better after imagining all the ways that you wish you were like someone else? I find that those times are the ones when I find myself believing that I can't really become anyone. That I can't make a difference. And then I question my importance in this great big world.
But why?! Oh it's so heartbreaking to think about, isn't it? Especially when we are exactly who He created us to be. We can do anything, be anything, and we WILL make a difference in this great big world. and believe me when I say that you already have.
My thoughts then drifted to things of a different importance. i.e. homework to be done, cars to be cleaned, nieces and nephews to be visited, and husbands to be made.
I love days like this day.


  1. Amen sista!! I loved this so much. YOU WILL BECOME ANYONE YOU WANT TO BECOME! But I already think you are amazing and are changing the world for the better everyday! (at least my world). You da bestest!


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