And I'm Off!

I sure wish the drive would look like this
But instead it will look like this

Today I leave. I leave for a great adventure that I am absolutely sure holds happiness, lots and lots of laughing and tons of memories to be made. Of that I am sure.

You see, I have this friend of mine who 'wasn't getting married or anything' and then oh but then!...she and her friends started this little thing called The Mormon Bachelorette. It's pretty much exactly the same as the actual Bachelorette on the televised TV except that this consists of mormons and a whole lot less yelling going on and oh yeah, it's not televised, it's all documented on a blog and she and her friends made it up.

So you see she went on 22 dates in 22 days with 22 different guys (it's seriously really great to watch!) then she picks 8 of those guys for a second date and then narrows it down to one and walah! Just a few months later they are getting married. Sounds made up doesn't it? It's not. And they are in true love and it's really kind of amazing. It went so well the first time that they did another season, but this time with one of the Bachelors she didn't end up choosing from 'her season,' he narrowed it down and then picked one lucky girl from the 22 and they are now dating their hearts away. And are you ready for the best part?? TMB is now taking applicants for a 3rd go at it!

Anyway, she lives in the Sunny, Ocean Version of Arizona, also known as California, and so that is where we must go. And as it turns out that road trips are one of my most favorite things to do I am reaaaaally excited!

So it is that I presume I must go work-out for a minute or so, cause you know how when you sit in a car for a million years you feel like your butt gets all flat and smushed? Well I am going to try and counter that action. And then I feel like I should maybe shower and then eat some waffles and orange juice and then probably get to packing some clothes and things. And that should just about do it.

And while I do this I'll probably listen to this here song cause it seems that I have made it my theme song for my life at this very moment. And I just really like it.


  1. ummmmm freaking rachel. i love your guts. you should call me and we can do dinner. or ice cream. ...or dinner AND ice cream if we wanted to throw caution to the wind and go crazy.. so yeah. i miss your face. and the rest of you. and...thats it. call me.


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