Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Do one thing everyday that scares you."
And guys? I don't think I live up to that standard on a daily basis. I mean I really love the saying, I think in fact it's one of my all time favorites, I have it written on a post-it on my desk at work and every day I look at it and I ask myself, "self?" (inner dialogue) "what did you do today that was scary?" and sadly, oh so sadly I can't usually think of much. and that's just terrible i think! So for the next week straight I am going to do one thing everyday that scares/challenges me! Don't get too excited here, I'm not too daring of a person, I'm talking I might dip a pickle in some cottage cheese. But this is gonna be great, I am going to be pushed to some limits people, I am going to grow leaps and bounds, I can just feel it.
Oh Eleanor, thank you for your wise words. If only you could see me now.


  1. I love this. SO inspirational! You dip that pickle in some cottage cheese! Or maybe a candy corn in a grape? I will be cheering you on the whole time!!


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