My Food Pyramid

I really love doing things like eating food that is just really, really good. Like you would not believe. I dream of food on most days. It makes me more happy than a lot of others stuff might. But don't we all need something that makes us just so very happy? Yes, I really do so believe.

Some of my favorite foods include:
Hamburgers and Fries
Soda (yes it falls into a food group)
Pizza (but the good kind, you know like the LGO style)
Grilled cheese w/ tomato soup and sourdough bread

You may notice that none of these things actually require any real cooking to occur because ironically, even though eating and things is my favorite I cannot cook if my life even so depended on it. You may also notice that I eat like a 4-year-old. But I believe that little fact to be irrelevant to the subject matter anyway.

And also, while I was writing this really pointless blog post I was listening to this song and I really loved it and I feel like you should too.