Milk and Cookies with Chips.

Today I went to go get some milk. And while I was in that mart of a wal, I thought to myself how delicious cookies would taste dipped into my gallon of milk that I was just near purchasing. And so I sought out the cookies. And within five footsteps, there the cookie aisle was, staring me right in the face just like destiny might, the chunky chocolate chip cookie package practically screaming at me to pick them up and get them because as it turns out they needed me just as much as I needed them. And so do you know what I did next? yes. that's right. i bought them. I bought cookies and milk only. When in fact I had actually gone to the store with the intent to pick up much more than that, but then after I had those two things, my life really seemed quite complete and there was no need for further purchases.
And so now here I sit, dipping my chocolate chip cookies into a portion of my gallon of milk, loving this moment more than most, and yet wondering what it is that I will bring for lunch for tomorrow.
Because that's what happens when you give a mouse a cookie.

and on another note, challenge to do things that scare me... so far.....succccccessssss.


  1. Haha. Loved this. Cookies and milk= yummiest. Also... who needs lunch anyhow? Also... cheese and humus... scaaaaaaaaary. :) Love u.


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