This Day

Today I wake up. I wake up with lots of great feelings in this heart of mine. And immediately I know that today is going to be great. What really makes a day great anyway? I'm pretty sure it is all in our heads. Yes, of that I am sure. Because do you know that in fact my day has really, truly turned out to be great? And do you know what it consisted of? Simple things really.

I woke up this morning and lay in bed for another 30 minutes seeing as it is that I am on Spring Break and no such thing as school exists in my head for 7 straight days and I know that there will be no rude interruptions such as an alarm to disturb my thought thinking. And so I stare at the ceiling, then the walls, then to the other side of my bed that contains a pile of clothes that will never stop growing because I am too lazy to put it all away and then I think. I think of great things. Of friends, of sisters, brothers, parents, nieces, nephews, life, change, you know, those sorts of things. And then once I feel that I have had a good amount of ponderosa time I get out of bed. And then I become ambitious for a minute. I start to clean that room of mine. But as it turns out my room actually ends up looking worse by the time I have to leave my home. But I'm not too hard on myself as I figure that will be a task for later tonight. or you know, whenever I feel like it.

So then, I go to my sisters to bring her some clothes that I feel she might enjoy. I turn the corner and continue down the street to go to the house I've been to a million times and immediately memories flood my brain. I lived with my sister, her husband, and her 4 kids for a time in my life. And it was one of my most favorite times my life ever had. Her children became my own. They referred to me as 'Mom', among other things, and I question as to whether it is possible to love your own kids more than I love them. 
I pull up to her house and her kids must have been by the window because before I even get out of my car her two youngest are out the front door, running full speed towards me, and instantly nothing else in the world exists as I step out of the car and feel their tiny arms wrap around my legs threatening to never let go. One child clinging to each leg, I waddle inside as the two oldest, dressed up in their moms 'fancy clothes,' mostly consisting of lingerie, wait patiently for me to get to the door before they wrap their arms around my waist. And life is good.
I bring the bag of clothes into my sisters room and we chat as her 3 girls strip off their dress-up clothes, rummage through the bag, and model for us their favorite articles of clothing.

After a time, I leave to go visit my most greatest G-ma whom I do so love with all my heart, who took care of us when we had the chicken pox, who sewed Easter dresses for her grandgirls for years with her very own hands, who always had the best cookies in her cookie jar, (except when they were ginger snaps)  ice cream in her freezer and spankins to give on our birthdays. Since then she has had a stroke and can no longer move the left side of her body but what she lacks in physical activity she makes up for in brain activity. She is still ALLLL there. Maybe more so than ever. We chat it up and she tells me that in the next life she will be skinny, as she claims that she was never such a thing in this mortal existence. She tells me of the new great grandkids of hers that are beginning to get all fat and chub like and how much she hearts it. We talk about the new books she's ordered that have enlarged print so that she can read because 'she's getting so old.' And as I leave I give her a hug and she tells me how much she loves me. And life is good.
I then go on to run an errand or two before heading to work and I am really just loving even the more boring parts of my day.
And now here I sit eating a sandwich and drinking Dr. Pepper remembering how great this day of mine was. Because I knew that it would be.
I wish I was this smart everyday.