Change is a constant, constant in our lives. And isn't that ironic? Because sometimes I would like other things to be constant. Like consistent happiness. Consistently experiencing joy in everything. Or how about a constant barrage of wonderful things happening to us? Yes, all of that sounds juuust right.

But then I think about it again, and if things were always perfectly constant and good, then where would the real joy be? Because isn't it that we find our real and true and utterly perfect joy after we have struggled and hurt and fought and cried for better days?
Don't we appreciate that knight in shining armor after we have dated a whole lot of fraudulent knights that can hardly fight and ride up on donkey's instead of horses?
Don't we love our friends even more after we have experienced those lonely nights that will occur from time to time
And don't we appreciate our Father in Heaven that much more when we realize He is the reason we can have hope in an uncertain future and He is the reason we can smile when things seem to be going wrong?

Yes, I do believe this to be true. Life is wonderful. And it is hard. And it is joyful. And tearful. And it is every possible emotion one could imagine. And why is it so? It is that way because of that thing called change that is ever consistent in our lives. Through it we are refined, taught, strengthened and able to appreciate the greater and more important things in life.

Change we must. Or we will rust. Into pitiful heaps of dust. And we will never become who we must.

To fall in love, please listen to this.


  1. Pretty sure you wrote this for a certain struggler. :) I love you and everything you wrote! P.S. fraudulent Knights on donkeys. :) Also... I love that poem of yours!!


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