Today Was Good Today Was Fun Tomorrow is Another One...

Probably my most favorite book

Today I am done. Done with Finals. Freeeeeedom! At least for a minute or so.
Now it is onward and upward! I am moving in 2 weeks guys, and it is feeling weird and surreal and great and scary and crazy and did I say a little weird?
Yes, all of those things is what it feels. In 2 weeks I will be in a strange land called Zion (formerly known as Utah) where I know a maximum of about 5 people. Away from all family and all that I've ever known. And why you ask? Well because I feel like it. You know those times when you feel like you just maybe need some change in your life? Well this is one of those times. It's about time though don't you think? Yes, I think so. Such a bittersweet feeling I really do believe. Done with one chapter and on to the next.
New job, (really crossing my fingers on that one) new friends, new ward. Oh the newness of it all! And the stories that I will have. I will most likely be writing on this little blog much more often, because
Number 1: I have a very large family and I'm sure they will all just be dying to see the happenings in my life. You know, kill 10 birds with one stone and stuff. (8 siblings+2 parents=10 birds)
and Number 2: I won't really have a lot of friends there so I'm banking on a lot of free time.
And that is all for tonight. In closing I would just like to end the way I started... Today was good Today was fun Tomorrow is another one. And I feel great about that statement.