And This Is The Literal Truth
Guys, I've been thinking about things lately. You know, things like life and all that it entails. The triumphs, the failures, the goals, the successes, the not so much successes, the ups, the downs....those kinds of entailed things. I've been thinking about how we become who we want to be, or rather, how it is that we decide who we want to become. Because isn't it so easy to get lost in the daily grind of life? And isn't it sometimes easier not to have goals, not to have things that you are working towards?

Because then you never have to face that fear of failure that seems to be so innately ingrained in our human brains. It's easy to be scared of failure, afraid that someone will do it better, that others will criticize our work and it is easy to allow that fear to inhibit us from reaching our divine potential. But I say to you now and I say to myself that we must stop that sort of terrible thinking. For it is that sort of terrible thinking that will get us on the road to nowhere so tragically fast.

Because do you really think we were sent down to this earth to be scared, to live our days dreaming of lives that we wish we had,  jobs that we wish we could get, or thinking up courage that exists only in our day type of dreaming? Nay, I say!

We were sent here to accomplish great things. Great things people! Because along with the fear that can paralyze us or the doubt that can consume us if we let it, lies an even greater desire to succeed, to create, and to accomplish wonderful things in this lifetime.

We must however, and I do mean must, take that first step. Take it one day at a time and allow ourselves to be guided, allow the confidence to build within ourselves and before we know it, we will have become the greatest composer, the finest author, the most beautiful singer, the most magnificent designer, the most awe-inspring artist, the most admirable mother, the most influential teacher, the best sort of friend, and the most wonderful version of YOU.

All it takes is a goal, a whole lot of faith, and feet that move. And Kid? Well, you'll move mountains.


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