Go Eat a Cookie

So maybe I look like a monkey or something. Not a big deal.

Alright kids, first things first, I would like to let it be known that I have not eaten sweets of any kind for one entire month. 30 days people. And I will also have you know it has been one of the toughest trials I have yet endured in my lifetime. Though it was one of those self induced trials but that is besides my point.

Let me give you a little background. Back before the 5th of July, sugar was part of my heart and soul. It consumed me and I consumed it, and we were really rather happy together. But then, oh but then, for some reason that I'm not sure I can now recall my roommates and I decided to abandon our relationship with that white (and sometimes brown) stuff. And I wanted to do it just because I wanted to prove to myself that I could. Because honestly, I didn't really know if I was capable of such things.

My feelings about my month long journey? Well, indulge me for a brief minute or two.
Week 1, I hated life. I came home for lunch that very first day and saw oreos sitting in the pantry so forlorn and lonely looking, practically begging me to eat them that very moment, but alas I did not give in. Poor oreos. The rest of the week went a lot like that. I began to imagine food was talking to me, tempting me in all it's glory and it was all I could do to abstain from the talking desserts.
Week 2, it was still dumb. I wanted Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, candy, cake and everything that I wasn't allowed to.
Week 3 though, oh that week 3! I was like you know? I can totally do this. I feel better than ever, I have more energy and I barely even crave the stuff anymore! Oh thank goodness for that week 3 because shortly after came week 4 and let me tell you, this week I am over it. I just want to make cookies on sunday night and eat as many as I want! I want to eat that piece of candy that my co-worker gave me 2 weeks ago that is still sitting on my desk because I refuse to throw away such a lovely piece of merchandise. I want sugar people. It is just who I am. I cannot deny what my body NEEDS. I just cannot. And so ladies and gentlemen, tomorrow my month of no goodness ends and I am going to celebrate by eating a big fat Pizookie. And I don't even like ice cream.
So what did this challenge teach me? Who knows. Happy eating!


  1. hahaha this is the best ever! and I am SERIOUSLY really REALLy REALLY impressed by you. Not gunna lie I did doubt you for a min but just a minute and you proved me wrong. You were so strong. Good work sister!


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