Parks and Things

Last night I went for a run. It stays light outside for one million years so you can go outside at like the 10 o'clock hour and it will most likely still look like daytime. I sort of like it sometimes but mostly it just makes me stay awake 'till really dumb hours of the night because my brain hardly thinks it's night time.

Upon reaching my destination I put my headphones in, started moving my feet on the wood chipped trail and I escaped from real life, because after sitting at a desk for 10 hours you just need to do that sort of thing sometimes. And would you know that my run in that Libertarian Park was everything that I hoped it would be?

My brain stopped thinking about exhausting sorts of things and thought only of the trail in front of it. I felt my heart beat fast and heard my legs thank me for making them walk more than 10 steps that day. I saw dogs catching frisbees, came into contact with one too many broken drinking fountains and saw smiling children all around me. I felt the sun shine down on me and basked in the breeze that would occasionally grace me with it's presence. I encountered dads carrying children while pulling empty wagons, and witnessed really old men running without shirts and suuper short shorts. (mostly that was the highlight)

I sang along to the music playing in my ears not caring who heard me and on the way home I danced like no one was watching.

Thank you park for allowing me to run in you.