That Time

Do you know what I love more than most things in this world? What I look forward to at the end of my night more than anything?

It is that that time. You know that time at the end of your day when you have washed your face, your teeth are brushed, you have changed into your most comfortable of clothes and have just crawled into bed? That time when you know you don't have to do one single thing for at least the next 6-8 hours? That time when you know that the next few hours of your life are yours and nobody else's?

Yes, that's the time that I am talking about. And I'm not so much talking about those sleeping hours but rather I am referring to that time right after you have crawled into bed but before you have fallen into your slumber.

Those quiet moments that you are free to do whatever you want and you don't feel guilty for it or worry that you should be doing something else because you know that that time is yours. It is your time to read your book, study your scriptures or write in your journal while listening to piano music. It's your time to dream, to ponder, to think, to reflect.

And when you have finished the reading and the writing, you slip your bookmark into your book, you put your pen in your journal, shut off your lamp and then you are just still. And you are free to allow your mind to go wherever it wants to go.

Sometimes I like to take mine to the future and think about the days when I will have a husband lying by my side and I wonder what he will be like and sometimes wonder what he is doing at that very moment. Other times I like to revel in the fact that I really love my life and that I have the greatest family and friends in this whole wide world. Sometimes when I've had a really bad, kind of terrible day I just want to dream of better ones. And other times I just want to think about the outfit that I'm going to wear the next day or whether or not I'm going to wash my hair in the shower the next morning.

And when my brain has decided that it just cannot think and contemplate and wonder about things both of importance and no importance any longer, it drifts off to sleep and takes my thoughts with it into my dreams.

And in the morning I wake up, ready to begin my day because I had the most wonderful night only a few hours before.

And that is my favorite time.


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