This morning I was thinking about myself, because what better thing to think about at 7 o'clock in the morning? And here are the things that I thought...

I'm weird because...
-I only put deodorant on in my car.
-I typically have anywhere from 3-7 used bowls/cups in my car at a time.
-I can eat my weight in food.
-I talk to myself more than the average person.
-I don't like ice cream.

I'm happy because...
-I get to see my Arizonan family in 3 days!
-I get to wear tights with my skirts in this freezing cold weather.
-I have the best friends in the universe.
-I get free lunch today.
-I'm about to embark on a new adventure.

I'm sad because...
-I'm moving where the temperatures go below freezing most days.
-I don't have a winter coat to counter that awful cold.
-I'm leaving my most favorite roommates I ever had.
-I didn't eat breakfast this morning.
-I wish I lived closer to that mom of mine.

I'm passionate about...
-My future.
-My incredible family.
-Finding real and true love.
-Finding the good in people.

I'm particular about...
-The pillowcases that I sleep on. (I'll cover it with a shirt of mine if it seems questionable...not my own pillowcases but someone else's of course)
-How many times I will use a towel before washing it. (twice)
-Italian food. (pizza only, please and thanks)
-Which side of the bed  I sleep on. (the right)
-How much frosting I will allow to stay on my cupcakes. (not very much)

And I LOVE...
-Deep thinking.
-People watching.
-Music listening.

There now, you know me just about as well as I know myself. 


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