Every Now and Then You Find Your Soulmate

Sometimes there are relationships that fail and countless packages of cookies, for those of us who don't like ice cream, that offer momentary solace. Once in a while there are tearless break-ups followed by the tearful kind. At times there are broken hearts, nights of wondering when oh when you will finally meet him and "Why does it seem to take so long at times?"

You make wonderful friends and gain experiences that you wouldn't trade for anything in the world, but then those other moments creep into your heart and you wonder what he is doing at that very moment. Is he thinking about who you might be? Have you perhaps passed him on the street on your way to the grocery store?

You decide you would be perfectly happy if you never hear the phrase, "You could meet him tomorrow," or "It's all about timing," ever again. And sometimes you just want to give up hope and despite your strong dislike for the feline family, decide that you actually could live with 17 cats.

Once in a while you rationalize that boyfriends and husbands are for girls who are clearly not as strong as you have proved to be, but the following day you resolve that you would give anything to be one of those girls.

Some days you are unstoppable and you know that you can do absolutely anything, that you are independent and fully capable of doing it all on your own. But then those feelings are followed by those of longing and dreaming of who he might be.

Sometimes we don't know what we want. But then, other times we just really do.

That moment occurs when you finally meet him. You know you'll never forget the first day he talked to you even though you didn't know it was him at the time. You remember your first date like it was yesterday (because it practically was) and later down the road you realize that you've never felt this way about anybody. Gradually you begin to grasp that foreign concept you think is referred to as love. And one day you realize that this is the feeling people are always talking about.

And then that blessed day comes, and you feel as though every event in your life has culminated to this moment when suddenly it hits you like a ton of bricks, and you know that you have found him. That blessed moment occurs and you realize that you are more sure about him than you have ever been about anything in your entire life.

You realize that you would have waited a million years longer if you knew that this was the person you would get to spend forever with.

You come to this sudden realization of why relationships in the past always ended lonely and broken. In that moment it is all so clear, and almost instantaneously your thousand unanswered questions suddenly become resolved without anyone ever having to actually vocalize the answers.

Sometimes guys, you get to fall in love and never, ever look back.

(No ring....yet)


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