My Days Are Numbered

And so the countdown begins! Approximately, and by approximately I mean exactly, 13 days until I am a human that has a husband. It's a strange thought really. In less than two weeks I'll put on that dress that is more cream than white (and is that supposed to mean something?), wear shoes that I thought were off-white but instead showed up on my doorstep with one of those pink hues, hope that my unphotogenic face can muster at least one normal looking photograph with that current-fiance-soon-to-be-husband of mine, and together we will embark on the life of companionship and snowy roads.

Tonight, we were in my room (with the door wide open, thankyouverymuch) while my 15-year-old sister, Lauren, or Lowly as I like to call her for reasons unbeknownst to anyone including myself, was in the bathroom about 2 feet away from said room. Cause guys I live at home again, okay? She was in a teenager kind of mood and so Taylor and I were doing all things annoying just to be sure she was thoroughly miffed. (and why don't people use that word more often?)
We kept talking to her in a Bobby's World mom sort of way, but with breathier tones and a Minnesota accent. And then we thought we were awfully funny and would laugh for far longer than was necessary before deciding what else we would say to her. And then she yelled to us that our kids were going to think we were sooo annoying. Instantaneous joy filled my soul. I hope they think we're annoying cause then that would mean we're doing all things right. And I hope they think we're weird because being strange is way more fun than being the normal kinds of people. And is it too soon to be thinking about our teenage children?

I asked Taylor the other day in what ways I was different from when he first met me. He responded, "You're a lot weirder than I thought." My heart smiled and I knew that all was well in the world because that meant he truly knew me.

Guys, life is happening. And I hope I become increasingly weirder as the years ensue. Just like a fine wine. Do you know what I mean?


  1. Rachel! You said (almost) the exact thing I would say to my kids, that if I wasn't embarrassing them, I wasn't doing my job. Pretty funny! See you soon!

  2. I wish I could crawl inside your head and stay there! It would be such a pleasant, happy place to be.


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