A Post About Nothing

If you have read any of my posts recently you might be puzzled as to why I am posting again seeing as pretty much always, especially as of late, my posts are about, well, nothing. And did you know that that is what I do with my days here? That's right, nothing. I'm still on the search for a job, and so in an attempt to have something to do the following day, I don't do the dishes after dinner, I avoid folding any blankets that were used during our nightly ritual of watching old Seinfeld episodes, and I close the blinds every night just so I can open them in the morning...and to avoid creepy humans looking into our quaint, little home. So, by about 8 a.m. the following morning I am wiped out and figure I better just take it easy until the next morning. Life is really tough these days, you know?

OK but really, my downtime has just turned into online shopping time. So far some of my purchases consist of the following: unnecessary pictures (one has a blue dog in it. like i said, unnecessary), skirts that I am in desperate need of (I realize as soon as I see them), a new face washing brush that is supposed to make my skin sparkle, some throw pillows that Taylor doesn't like, and hook with a bird on it that has no real practical use.

My real joys now lie in the middle of the day when my mail man comes to deliver our mail and the packages I am anxiously expecting. (Ironically, mail time can also be a low point in my day when there is no mail to be found. I even put my hand all the way in the back to just to be sure. That happened today, which is why I promptly came to write about nothing so as to console myself or something.)

On Monday I was really busy making a disgusting concoction of cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar (for reasons that you don't really care about), when I remembered that it was after noon and the mail was sure to have come! I searched desperately for my mail key and when found, I wogged (walk/jog) to my mail box. And lo and behold there was the cute little brown cardboard box from the Anthropologie store that was sure to contain my happiness for the day. And then wouldn't you know it, there they were, my pride and joys.

These little beauties.

Exhibit A.

And B.

In other news, last Saturday Taylor and I ran one million errands for no real reason. We went to antique shops only to find they were overpriced and not really that cool anyway. We went to furniture stores in town and quickly realized that most of what was contained in those little furniture shops was furniture you might only want to put in a cabin made of man (deer heads, dressers made of straight tree bark, and log-like headboards to name a few). So we decided to opt out of those options and wait until our trip to Billings this weekend for items that might go in a girl home.

OK but theeeen, here's where the real fun began, (butnotreally) we really needed to go grocery shopping and so we started making our way toward the local Walmart. And it was a real two for one deal because Taylor really, desperately needed a haircut, I mean his hair was really beginning to look weird. Every morning he would get ready and I would say, "Taylor, I mean don't get me wrong, I'm still real attracted to you and stuff, but your hair looks even weirder than it did yesterday." And every morning I would tell him to go get a haircut before he came home from work, and everyday he didn't.

So, Saturday was the day. And he would have to go to "Smart Style" in Walmart as a result of not getting it cut in previous days. "This is a new low for me," he said as he turned his back toward me and walked in. And I'm going to be honest I was pretty worried about what he would come out looking like. But alas, they did a fine job that "Smart Style" salon, and well, who knew?!

Anyway, while he was getting his hair cut I decided that I would do all the grocery shopping. And so I pulled out the list I had made up on my phone and during that trip I bought produce for maybe the second time in my entire life. You think I'm kidding? I'm not.

To prove it, yesterday when Taylor went to pull out the lettuce for his sandwich, he looked at me and was like, "Umm babe? Is this cabbage?" Instantly offended I was all, "Umm no! I think I know how to tell the difference between lettuce and cabbage. thankyouverymuch." And he was all like, "okay...yeah...I think you're right....," as he proceeded to open the package. And then he started putting it on his sandwich and in his nicest way possible was like, "Yeahhh, I don't think this is lettuce."

And do you know? It wasn't. It was cabbage.

As it turns out, I'm bad at grown-up shopping.

The End.


  1. Hahaha, oh my gosh I'm still giggling. You are hilarious!! I love reading what you write!

  2. I am in LOVE with your writing!! Please write more, more, MORE!! <3


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