Easter Things

Today was Easter, one of my favorite holiday's of all time. Others don't understand it but for various reasons it has fallen into my bracket as one of the best days of the year.

I think really though, my love for this holiday is associated with feelings that only nostalgia can really explain.

Growing up, every Easter we would wake up to baskets by our beds filled with the kinds of candy that only kids appreciate, like peeps. And along with those peeps and other jellybean filled eggs was a dress that my grandma had sewn for each girl with her very own hands. And I mean, I have five sisters so, you know. There were no other dresses like it. We would go to church in our lovely dresses, twirling, smoothing, and admiring ourselves through every glass door we 'happened' to walk past, and made sure to go to the bathroom several times throughout the three hour block because that's where the real mirrors were. Then we would come home and eat all the candy in our baskets until we felt sick. And well, clothes and candy? No child, let alone any adult, needs anything beyond that. Am I right?

This year was my first Easter being on the married side of things and it being my favorite holiday and all, I went out and bought the goods for Taylor's blue camo basket weeks ago. I made sure to get all his favorite things; Oreos, Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (in an attempt to carry on his mom's tradition), Kit Kats (but really, I love those), and of course a fog-less shaving mirror for the shower because don't we all need one of those? Without kids I had to create some sort of child element in our home.

I put his basket downstairs on the coffee table this morning and when I came downstairs a bit later there was a basket waiting for me!...which I actually already knew would be there because yesterday he had to go run secret errands wherein I was not allowed to accompany him, and then he didn't even come inside with anything when the errands were through. So his secret was out. But like a good wife, I acted disinterested in his dumb errands and refrained from asking questions about his empty hands when he walked in the door.

After looking through the basket he got for me, where I found eggs filled with various things, chocolate and a picture of a book that I have been talking about endlessly for at least two days now (the picture was to tell me that he ordered it but it would not arrive for at least 5-7 business days), we went to church where we were all kinds of uplifted. And while there, in between speakers, and perhaps during some of them, all I could think about was how much I wanted kid friends. Sunday's do that to me, but mostly the Easter kind. I leaned over to Taylor and told him that I wanted kids. Not our own of course (not yet guys), just other people's. But when you don't know people you can't just ask to hold their children. 

But maybe a sister or something will come visit soon and fulfill that child-yearning of wanting other people's babes. 

Happy Easter to all!  



  1. Oh, the peanut butter eggs! Looks like the tradition's in good hands.

  2. You guys are so cute! I'll come satisfy your kid needs!


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