Well, the days of the sulking sort are mostly behind me as I am believing that greener pastures are in the foreseen future...and well, they are, because Spring is here and making its debut!...sort of, not really now...yet, but soon...

Anyway, today was Good Friday! And my friend(s), it was a good one indeed. Taylor had the day off because his company is one of those that we all wish we could be a part of, with all the pointless holidays off and stuff. And so this morning we began looking up what exciting adventures we might go on with a whole day ahead of us and only our two souls to please. And since it's getting barely warmer we thought about a hike! Oh a hike. I miss those. It's been far too long you know, since I went on one of those.

So the man began his research, because he's better at that sort of stuff than I am. After looking for some time, he finally found one that wasn't closed. "I found one!" he said. "It's supposed to be pretty and not too far. It just says to bring bear repellent because the bears are roaming around this time of year since they're just coming out of hibernation."....which also means they haven't eaten in like five months and what kind of mood would you be in if you hadn't eaten in five months? "Oh uhhh no thanks, I think a drive will be just fine," I decidedly responded. (bear repellent?)

And so we began our drive to the beginning of Yellowstone, but not actually Yellowstone since it's still closed. 

It was sort of freezing.

Not too far into our drive, we saw a few of these guys just roaming the streets of the town. Naturally.

You never know when you might need a couple hundred of these.

So I guess gas stations like these still exist...

About halfway into our drive, I realized I was starving. And then this happened.

And then we came home and decided that we wanted Papa Murphy's for dinner. We picked it up and a few hours later took it out of the fridge to stick it in the oven...only to discover that they gave us the wrong pizza. This was the second time they've done that to us so we promptly took it back as a matter of principle, and because they are literally across the street from us, and demanded justice. 

Which they gave when we got to take home two pizzas. What a Good Friday! Literally.


  1. Oh Rae... <3 <3 <3 Keeeeeep wriiiiiiiiiiiiiiting.

  2. I love that your only response to bear repellent was just that. (Bear repellant?). Haha


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