This is How We Do.

We moved into our little home about 5ish weeks ago. And while one might think we had accumulated so many home-like things throughout our single lives, it just so happens that we actually didn't. We had both always lived in places where beds were provided along with dishware and couches.

So, we came to this small town with things like mirrors, a lamp shade, clocks, frames, and Tupperware. The closest "metropolis" is about two hours away and boy let me tell you, it has been a slowwww process getting all the things we really need in order to live like humans.

During our first week here, we sat on folded blankets in the living room until our bums went numb and then we would lie on our stomachs until our backs started to hurt, and then we would try leaning on our sides until our shoulders started to fall asleep and you know? It was pretty dumb. Luckily, after about a week of being couchless we went into town, bought a couch and oh was it glorious! I mean I lounged on it for days and in all the positions one can lounge. I would lie backwards, forwards, right side up, and upside down. I vowed to always make this couch really feel appreciated.

But then there was our room. Oh our poor bedroom without a bed. No bed for a month. One month. And doesn't that sort of defeat the purpose of a BEDroom? We did however have an air mattress. And well, don't get me wrong, I was grateful for that bit of air separating me from the deathly discomfort of sleeping on the floor. But there's only so many mornings one can wake up sweaty (don't ask me why, but those things make you sweat like a maniac), and so many nights one can go to sleep on a deflated air mattress because your husband doesn't want to go out into the freezing cold air and fill up the air mattress using the cigarette lighter in his car because that's the only way the thing fills up because it's not meant for's meant for camping.

And can't you relate? No? Okay.

But I can't say I blame him because I sure wasn't willing to do it, but who can sleep on air mattresses for extended periods of time except for maybe 7-year-olds who would actually probably love it?

For weeks, our room looked something like this.

And we would lie like this.

And our nightstand looked a lot like this. (So what? I'm in a Dr. Pepper phase.)
These days were really something you know?

But then, oh lo and behold, on Tuesday he took the day off and we went into that Billings town and we got coffee tables, more frames, more clocks, pillows, and beds! It was my favorite of all the days and a day that will likely go down in history.

And who knew you could be so excited to wake up fresh feeling, and dare I say, chilly? But most importantly, to a permanently inflated bed.

But as soon as I got home I instantly realized all of the other things that we still need/mostlywant, but that will have to wait until we go into town again...whenever that will be. 

But until then, we have the necessities and life doesn't really get much better than having a bed and a couch, I'm pretty sure.

Next up, a desk.


  1. I don't see anything wrong with the desk you have. Wow, you must have a consumer mentality.
    p.s. I was looking, in vain, for the beloved picture with the purple dog that you mentioned in your last post. But alas, I was disappointed.

    I love you and your cute house!

  2. Ha!! Fabulous, clever, witty and succinct as always. :o) I love the way your head works and I miss that infectious laugh. Love my girl and her boy. xoxo

  3. Hahahha this is awesome! Makes me miss starting off married life. (Our wonderful flowered couches in the front room now hidden by a couch cover ha)

  4. Very funny, Rachel! "A whole month..." Well, I'm glad you didn't have to wait 10 months, 8 of those pregnant. :)


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