70 Degrees And Counting!

I am a forecast fanatic. Living in Arizona I never had any reason to be since the weather was either one million degrees for 5 months straight or beautiful and perfect for the other 7, but ever since I started living in places where the weather is different every single dumb day (i.e. Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, and now Wyoming...I live cool places) you better believe I check it on a daily basis. Especially during Spring when it wants so badly to start being warm but it just can't quite figure out how to be. One day it's a glorious 63 degrees (that's glorious after days on end of the frigid cold) and the next it's a high of 22 and snow is expected to fall at least 30 inches by morning. It's really hard on my emotions you know. And my body never knows what clothes to wear from day to day.

So you can imagine my excitement when TWC (The Weather Channel, obviously) told me it would be 72 degrees on Saturday. For a week straight I planned all the things we would do on Saturday, vowing to stay away from the inside of our home for every single second of it. 

We began by waking up at 7 o'clock to get ready to attend the annual Cody Garage-O-Rama. No, literally, that's what it's called. All kinds of people came to set up their booths to sell all the old things they are sick of in hopes that they will become someone else's treasure. There were even cupcake booths just in case you got hungry!  

We got there before it opened and stood in line outside for 30 minutes while the lady in front of us told us her life story 7 times while I nodded making the appropriate "hmm," and "aww"ing sorts of noises in all the right places. 

And then we finally got through those doors, and as it turned out, this Garage-O-Rama sale was a real bust. There was more western decor and attire than ever I've seen in my whole life. Which well, don't get me wrong, I can appreciate some good western love, but this stuff was straight from a thousand years ago, clothes and gross boots included. So we left empty-handed and then went off to other garage sales where I found two frames for a dollar and $3 shoes.

And let me just share something about my feet. They are not the the most beautiful things you've ever seen or those nice kind of tapered toes you might imagine ones toes looking like. The second toe, well, it's almost as long as my pinky finger. I mean really, it is. When people see my toes for the first time they always really love to say, "Look you're flipping me off with your toes! Ah-ha-ha-ha." And in my head I'm all like, "Oh real original. But also, it's my second toe, not the third, so learn how to count." Which is always a really witty comeback to say to myself.

That said, I tend to stay away from the peek-a-boo sort of shoe because it's really only the second toe that's doing the peek-a-booing. But these shoes at the garage sale, they were of the peek-a-boo sort...but then they were only $3! So the purchase was inevitable. Then I wore them to church today and remembered why I stay away from shoes like that, but then quickly resolved that I am a strong 26-year-old and I will embrace all things imperfect about me and this will likely serve as a source of inspiration to others! Yes, that's what will come of unflattering footwear. So that was something. 

Anyway, after garage-saleing (saleing isn't a word I just learned. go figure.) we went to breakfast, and then while driving we found a thrift store that we've never seen. So we went in and found some really old tennis rackets. I immediately made plans for the rest of the day. I bought those rackets and the lady at the checkout gave me some tennis tips and then went to her car and returned with some of her spare tennis balls. Because people here are really just that nice. 

I was so excited for tennis playing! I've mostly never played and let's just say that my lack of experience was really very apparent once we got on those courts. Taylor was also pretty awful though so I found some sort of solace in that fact. I don't think we hit it over to each other more than 3 times. But let me also say that those rackets? There is a reason why they decided to create better ones. But at least they made us look really cool. 

And then we went on a hike and got sunburned and I've never been happier about anything in all my life because that means that Summer is finally coming!

That form!

We're really artsy over here.

Don't I look so candid? Cause I'm not. I was posing. 

It looked a lot prettier in real life, OK?
 And now I must bid you ado, because Taylor is really being obnoxious about wanting some Peanut Butter cookies. When I woke up from a nap earlier, I was the groggiest I've ever been. You know, when you can't fully open your eyes, your legs don't work, words don't make sense, and all you can do is make whiny noises? So Taylor suggested that I make cookies to help me wake-up. And then I glared at him making all verbal words unnecessary. But now I'm feeling a little more human-like and friendly, so off to cookie making it is! 


  1. Oh, no! The second toe problem. Your children are doomed. Just make sure that when you're fitting their little shoes, you press for fit on the second toe, not the big one. And thus you can avoid your children's second toes looking like Taylor's.


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