Birthday Tributes!

Birthday Tribute Part I: (Beware-supra long post. But mostly cause of huge pictures.)

Today is Taylor's birthday. This day he turns 29 and he is about to embark on his last year as a twenty-something year old. And I feel like that's something to really think about, don't you?!

Well that guy and I, we have now officially been married for an entire almost 2 months! Officially, almost. I actually don't believe in those monthly anniversary celebrations, annual anniversary's only, please and thank you. But since it's his birthday and all, I felt that the two month thing was worth mentioning and you better believe I'm going to take a moment and mention all the things I have learned about this human in the past 2 months of marriage.

And so, without further ado, and in no specific order....

1. He eats like a maniac. Sweet/junk food especially. If ever I buy good food I have to hide it if I want it to last longer than 30 minutes. But I'm used to the whole hiding food thing. I grew up in a family of nine children. His food consuming is endearing most times. Except for the times when I really want the thing he's already demolished, in which case the endearing aspect is lost on me.

Double fisting while driving. Don't ever underestimate him.
 2.  The man never, ever gets mad, frustrated, or annoyed. At anything. Ever. It's the strangest thing and beyond me since I am the kind of person who really does do all of those things. But really, it's quite nice for me since I can do no wrong.

3. He loves, loves, looooooves to research things about anything really, and as a result he is the king of useless information.  You ask him a question and 9.5 times out of 10 he will know the answer. And in the .5 percent chance that he doesn't know the answer, he will make something up. Which I have learned to see right through. Whenever I suspect, I ask, "Do you know that? Or are you guessing?" "Well I think that would be the answer..." And then I start laughing and say "That's what I thought." For some reason I take great satisfaction when I catch him making things up, but mostly cause I find it really cute? 

4. He's like a little kid. He's curious like a child and if you get him on a ride at Disneyland, he giggles uncontrollably the whole time. And I literally mean giggle. I've never heard that noise come out of him except when on those rides.

Ignore those people in the front. We're who really matters.
I was trying super hard not to get wet.

5. He can make me laugh when it's the absolute last thing I want to do. He says the weirdest, most irrelevant things at just the right moment and almost instantaneously, laughter ensues and my dumb mood is diminished.

Special needs.
It's hard to say what's happening here...

6. He sings all the time, but never knows the words, so he makes them up. The songs rarely, if ever, make any sense and he repeats it over and over again until I start laughing. That's usually about when he's satisfied and then he'll stop....until five minutes later when he mindlessly starts singing his made-up song again.

7. And last but not least, his favorite animal is a hippo. Which is really pretty strange so I thought it was worth mentioning.

And those are the things that I've learned and love about this guy. 


I sure like that man. He makes my life better, funner, (just in case you're wondering, the dictionary has officially made 'funner' a word. What is this world coming to?) and greater.

Birthday Tribute Part II: 

In some other news, my brother's birthday is also today wherein he actually is embarking on his
thiry-something years of his life. They share birthday's. Is that cute or what?

Just as he should be. The things he would do to have that hair back.
So now, some words: 

Our relationship from ages 0-14:
  • Putting mattresses on my head and then sitting on top of them. 
  • Shoving me into walls every chance he got. I refused to ever walk down any hallway with him.
  • Locking me outside because it was supposed to be pretty hilarious. 
  • Throwing sacks full of potatoes on me. 
  • Lots and lots and lots of tattling (on my end of course).  
  • I used to stare and talk to myself in the mirror, because I was a bit of a narcissist in my youthful years. One time after I'd been doing it for who knows how long, I turned around and he was standing there watching me, covering his mouth and then busted up laughing. I never heard the end of it.
  • Another time I kissed a picture of myself so much that it fell off the wall. He still brings it up. 
  • Swirlies. So many swirlies.  

Our relationship from ages 15-Presently:

  • Attempted swirlies. (I'm stronger now)
  • Cups of water on my head for no real reason.
  • Lifting me up and putting me in the back's of random stranger's parked trucks. 
  • Picking me up and putting me in the back of his truck and then driving down the busy street. I try to get into the cab at stop lights but he has the door locked. I climb back into the bed of the truck. All car's are watching me. I want to kill him.
  • Carrying me over his shoulder out of a restaurant after I wouldn't stop making fun of him. He set me down outside and told me to think about what I had done. It was a long, shameful walk back to the table. Which was in the back of the restaurant. 
  • Pushing me into pools and oceans that I wasn't planning on getting into.
Some thing's never change.

Story of my life. The older taught the younger how to be just as annoying. 

I sure love these guys in my life.

 Bappy Birthday's Boy's! (I was really going for a clever alliteration. At least I got the alliteration part.)


  1. Oh my gosh, I loved this post!!!! I love all those things about Taylor and I laughed all the way through Brian's part of it. This was so great!

    1. I have a permanent grin on my face as I read these posts!! You paint every picture and moment so well. I am in awe as you take me back to remember so clearly every moment! I love you. Keep writing. Keep writing and writing!!!


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