Texting, Hulu, And The U.S.

Tonight I was texting one of my greatest friends, Lizzie. We were talking about the dumbest of things really. About how I was debating over whether or not I would write a ten page paper for one of my last classes and whether or not she should write the last three pages of her's. School is so annoying these days and also, we really believe that we deserve several root beer floats and various types of cheese for all our hard work.

And you know? I've been in school for about one million years now, (I took the long scenic route) and in two days my bachelors degree will be complete, finished, done, badabing badaboom, and so maybe I just want to live on the edge a little. And not writing a paper constitutes as me living on the edge...or something (but if I'm being honest with myself, of course I'm going to write that dumb paper).

Then we got distracted from being distracted and started playing this game on our phones called "4 pics 1 word." And it's pretty awesome and sometimes stupidly hard, which is where my smart husband comes into play.

Every now and then Lizzie will screenshot the puzzle (is that what it's called?) she's stuck on and will ask for help. So of course I always bring it to Taylor and within like 4 seconds he knows the answer, which is always really annoying even though I'm the one who brought it to him for help. Go figure. (I live for the moments when I know the answer and he doesn't. It's happened twice. And I'm on level 278.) But then I text her the answer lightening quick and take all the credit.

And then I told her how the button on the top of my phone is broken and therein I am forever unable to screenshot my puzzles (again, puzzles?) to her. And then I hashtag texted her, "#firstworldproblems" because immediately after my complaint was said out loud, I realized I just complained about not being able to send her pictures of my game.

And then she text me pictures and video footage of her nephew and I swooned because he was definitely swoon worthy (he's 3...just in case you're wondering) and then we stopped texting because there was nothing left to say.

And now, I'm going to continue to avoid further contact with my paper via Hulu.

God bless the U.S.A. 


  1. How do you have the ability the make the most random, mundane things interesting? That's talent!!!!

  2. How do you have the ability the make the most random, mundane things interesting? That's talent!!!!


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