Cameras And Ineffective Luring.

Please excuse the terrible picture quality. My phone does its best.
A couple of Sunday's ago a guy in our ward came up to Taylor and I and asked us what we were doing the following night. I pretended to go through a list of possible things that we most likely, probably had going on when really I knew that we had nothing. And then responded with, "Strangely enough, I don't think we have anything going on tomorrow, which I mean is really odd because usually we're booked solid" ...or something like that. Then he asked us if we wanted to be extras in a movie. And we were all "uhhhh suuuuuure." Because, what?? But then I was too nervous to ask what it was for. Because I mean, I was going to be an actress and was going to be famous!

And so, other than the time we needed to meet, and the information regarding our attire (country camping clothing. Duh. What else?), we knew nothing.

Monday night came, we arrived, sat around a fire in 80 degree weather, drank some root beer, wore cowboy hats, and pretended to have some engaging conversation while trying really hard not look at the camera every time they yelled, "Striking!" Which, not looking at a camera is harder than you think, because from the age of zero we're trained to look at all of them always.

And well, I don't want to brag or anything but I mean, I was really good! And was all like, "Yeah, maybe this acting thing is for me. I really am going to be famous!" That is until the horrible moment when he beckoned Taylor and I over and said that he wanted me to act. And it was then that my 7-minute dream came to a crashing halt because I realized that instead of acting, I would actually rather die.

He told me that he wanted me to lure (that word is surprisingly hard to vocalize.) my husband to come into the woods with me, but then later a bear would attack us? And I think that my feelings about trying to act out the aforementioned scene need not be described any further.

I mean really, all I had to was wave him over with my finger and have a stupid look on my face to match the finger waving, but let's just say that after my first take, the two guys directing started laughing and told me that that wasn't going to make anyone want to come to me. Break 'em down, and then build 'em up is what they say, right? But Taylor reassured me that he would always want to come to me no matter how weird I looked.

But since Taylor's opinion didn't matter to the directors, we did like 1,000 more takes of this shot, each one getting worse and worse. Once they said, "That's a wrap." (Which they actually didn't, but I wish they would have), I told Taylor that we were most definitely not going to make the cut on account of my horrendous attempt at acting. But all is fair in love and war, is what I always say?

And well, if by some unfortunate event I do make the cut, there goes my reputation. Which is really quite a prestigious one at this point.

And you know, to be honest, I'm still not totally sure what this movie/commercial was actually about.

Except that I do know one thing and that is, in the end, we all get eaten by a bear.


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Why havent you told me about this? Don't act like you have nothing crazy going on in your life! I cannot wait to see this movie/commercial one day!!

  2. you didnt tell me about this either! this is way too good.
    i will laugh about it for a long time. i will pull it out whenever i am bored and need a good laugh, which happens to be quite a bit lately. so....long story short, i will be laughing at your expense quite a lot. thanks for this.

  3. Oh you are hilarious! I really want to see the movie/commercial! Do you know anything more about it? On second thought I'd better ask Taylor if I hope to get any info about it.


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