Day Dreaming About Babes

It all started today while I was at work. In addition to working and writing for Taylor's company, I also work at the "Buffalo Bill Center of the West" (meant to be said in an announcer's sort of voice), also known as the museum here in Cody, Wyoming. Which did you know, this is a HUGE tourist town in the summer? Who would've guessed? Not me, that's for sure.

Well I was at work. And I was really bored. So naturally I started practicing signing my name in cursive. My new name that is. I still haven't quite figured out my trademark signature. While I practiced at least 45 new ways to sign my name I thought about how this signature would represent me, forever. I mean, my future children will try to forge this signature for years to come. And my own mom's signature, well that's one for the books and an aspiration that is hardly worth striving to achieve since failure is surely inevitable. It's a signature that I never did learn how to imitate and I only had one sister who could ever accomplish it. It was fancy, unreadable, and legendary just like any good signature should be. Instead I always forged my pop's; sloppy, small, and scribbly. Which is actually a lot like my own signature ends up looking like.

But this signature that I was trying to create would be one that my children would know and present for every field trip, permission slip, and all other permissible things that is ever to come. And this is something to think about people! But the thing is, who even knows how to write all the letters of the alphabet in cursive anymore? I'm talking lowercase aaaaand upper case. And also, elementary teachers just lie to you is all. Telling you that all your high school and college teachers will require cursive. Ha! Because the truth of the matter is that no one wants to read anyone's cursive handwriting, ever. Am I right? And this is all very interesting I'm sure.

Well, after all this cursive practicing, I decided that the 'G' in my last name is the coolest letter of all but after the 'G' I can't quite figure out how to blend it all together without it looking like my 5-year-old niece signed it for me. With that, I decided to save all this signature practicing for another day because it was really beginning to take a toll on me, you know, the emotions and stuff?

So instead, I decided to write out the names of three of our future children whose names we have agreed upon. Because let me tell you, there has been a name or seven that we have vetoed from each other's list. And so I wrote out their names and would you know that in that moment instantaneous thoughts and feelings began running through my head and into my heart? I mean it was uncontrollable really. In that moment I realized that this whole baby hunger thing was getting a hold of me much sooner than I thought it would. And I've always wanted to be a mom and have babies to hold and love and dance with in the kitchen while I make dinner, but those thoughts always seemed so far away before marriage became a reality.

And if I'm being honest, I hardly ever thought about my future children. Freak, I had to get a boyfriend first and that was hard enough! Growing up, you always think that the whole falling in love thing will be a walk in the park, a piece of cake, but as it turns out, the park is 57 miles uphill and the cake almost always turns out to be hard and gross. But that's another story for another day.

So, as I sat there staring at the names of the future children that would one day be ours, and suddenly realizing I couldn't wait to have them, I dreamt of what they would like. Dark-haired like me? Un-tannable skin like my husband? I felt giddy just thinking about it. And then I was beckoned for help, because remember I was at work, called out of my day-dreaming state and it was business as usual.

And when I got home and after stopping by the local candy shop for treats, I requested that we watch Monster's Inc. And the whole way through I couldn't stop laughing, oooing, and awwing at everything Boo did and said. And I mean, have you ever seen that movie?! She's the cutest fake, animated girl there ever was. At the end of the movie when "Kitty" and Boo reunite Taylor told me not to cry, which he always says at the end of every movie, no matter how irrelevant crying may be, and Monster's Inc. perhaps fell under the irrelevant category, but well, the tears and watery eyes were there regardless.

And that's it really. I'm just dreaming about babies is all. Maybe it'll happen soon, maybe not, but that seed is planted baby, and so I say cyberly to Taylor, good luck getting rid of it!


  1. This is great!!!! And so is the word cyberly

  2. I think that cyberly you should tell me the names you're considering. ;o)


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