The Day Of Memories (which happened to be on Memorial Day).

Yesterday I woke up at 6 a.m. when my alarm wasn't even set until 6:30! There are few things more upsetting than waking up before your alarm goes off, which, in making that statement really just goes to show what kind of stressful life that I lead. And also, the reason that I set my alarm was to make sure that we got an early start on our day trip to Yellowstone...which continues to solidify the above statement about my really hard life and stuff. But nonetheless, waking up before the sun is even all the way risen can really be a difficult trial for anyone to encounter, don't you think?

So after wasting time scrolling through Instagram, contemplating an attempt at the dumb level of Candy Crush that I have been stuck on for at least a month, and then deciding that I hate the game, I finally decided to take a shower...especially since on Sunday I woke up 20 minutes before we had to leave for church wherein all cleanliness was to be disregarded...which I was really beginning to notice towards the end of the day...especially with no air conditioning in our home...and an upstairs...where heat rises...and who doesn't appreciate some good ellipsis?!

Once I was clean and sanitized, I went downstairs to make our lunches for the day. Turkey and Cheese sandwiches for both. And after some long and hard deliberation I decided to just put the dang lettuce on my sandwich too. I figured that with the 17 thin mint knock-off cookies, the Sour Cream and Onion chips, and the three cans of Dr. Pepper, (one for me, one for Taylor, one for me) that mayyyyybe I should incorporate some greens into the meal. Which turned out to be rather pointless because when lunch time came I took one bite and all that lettuce was immediately pulled off only to be discarded into the garbage can. I blame it on my mom though really (sure love her!). She also despises vegetables and as a result I was rarely, if ever, fed them as a child. Taylor frequently asks me how our future children are ever going to eat anything healthy when they have me for a mom, and I tell him that I'll put them on my plate, but he can lead by example. It should work out well I'm sure.  

But back to the heart of the matter; guys, that Yellowstone? Well, it is something else. Around every turn and every bend I would sit up straight in my seat as if that would help me see more of the scenery. But I'm nearly 5'9 so really it accomplished nothing except being able to see even less since the top of the car door would always block my view. 

But that unearthly place felt like I was actually in heaven, what with it's lakes, and trees, and buffalo galore! (uhh duh, heaven is filled with buffalo.) At every chance there was to pull off on the side of the road, I asked Taylor to do so, in that I might take an adequate amount of pictures, and as a result I now have about 70 pictures that look almost identical to one another. But is there any other way to fully fulfill the real and true Yellowstone experience? I say to you, nay!

But let it be known that this park is practically in our backyard...or at least 45 minutes away, so there will be many more trips to be had this summer. Season pass, here we come! 

And now, for some pictures. For my words will fail me when there is beauty that can describe itself...And, well, sometimes I guess I can be rather poetic!... (Because poetry and I, we have just never gotten along the way we should.)

Meet Oscar. I just barely found him on Taylor's camera from his trip to Yellowstone last year. But we're going to pretend we saw him this trip....Especially since none of our pictures are this cool. 

Excuse the smudge marks, it's only our windshield. But cool trees, huh?!

But seriously...

The Mammoth Hot Springs, which also smelled like dead animals. 

In case you can't tell, I thought my ears were going to fall off. It was fareeeeezing. 

And here we have Henry. He's really a lot cuter on other days. It's that winter coat shedding, you know, bad hair days.

And the burned portion...Taylor would not stop pointing and saying how 'beautiful' it was as we drove by...

In closing, I would just like to say, come visit the great park of yellow stones! 


  1. Had to look up ellipsis (did I even spell that right?)
    And seriously we will have to come and go through Yellowstone
    with you!


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