The Milk Diary

Sometimes life can be pretty uninteresting and not all that fascinating. And I mean this life that I live with this man that I love is really quite wonderful and I wouldn't have it any other way, but if we're being honest with ourselves, I live in Cody, Wyoming,  land of the buffalo and the home of the least I think that's how that song goes, and the things that happen here are just of the quiet sort. Which in some aspects I really rather like, but in others, well, you know. But the other day...boy are you in for a story! It involves milk. That's right, milk! The anticipation consumes you I'm sure.

It was just a normal evening during the week when I decided that all I wanted in the world was just a regular old bowl of rice pudding. The kind that my Grandpa made during every visit to us ever. You know the kind. And is that too much to ask for? I should think not! So, I set out looking frantically for recipes online (I wasn't all that frantic but for the sake of this rather exciting story, we'll say that I was).

After looking through at least two recipes, I found the one that should make my heart sing and even though it looked a bit on the confusing side, what with removing boiling pots and mixing things in separate bowls, I was determined to make such a splendid dessert. And also, I was quite keen on proving to my husband that his wife really could successfully make a dish or two, because around here that guy does all the cooking (because he is waaaaaaaaay better at it) while I often (always) serve as his sous. And so I set out on my endeavor, and things were really beginning to look good! I left the milk to boil while I tended to mixing other ingredients in another bowl. Once that was complete, I glanced at the pot of milk only to see that the milk remnants were covering the stove-top. Go figure. But I never did see it boiling, and I can't quite explain the emotions that were running through my head as I tried to cover up the fact that I can't boil liquid. So it was then that I picked up the pot and stared at the bottom of it, and in an attempt to make the mistake anyone's fault but my own, I claimed that "there must be a hole in the pot!"

Taylor started laughing and told me that it boiled over. I asked why and told him it wasn't even doing things of the bubbling sort seconds before! Then I looked down into the pot. It was then that I saw a weird dark thing floating up in the middle. So my accusation was: "Did you drop a sponge in here?!" Then he really couldn't stop laughing and told me that you have to stir milk or else it will burn, and that the dark thing was in fact, burned milk.

Then I wondered why the dumb directions didn't say to stir! What, is everyone in the whole world supposed to know that about milk?

But then, I gathered my dignity and decided I wasn't too proud to try again. And would you know? The next attempt was a success.

Then tonight, I was trying to raise the blinds so that I could open the window behind them, because it really was quite lovely outside. It was then that they came crashing down on my head. And so that was something too!

Well, I guess things really are pretty interesting around here.


  1. Yep, they are interesting! I know you have me hooked, waiting for the next installment!

  2. Why does Taylor have to know everything?


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