Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs.

Today has been the kind of day that is dreary and cold and you can practically see the precipitation that is building up in the clouds just waiting to be released into the world in which we live.

When the week began I had so many plans for us this weekend; canoeing in the lake followed by so many sunburns and even more liters of Dr. Pepper to consume. But all those dreams came crashing down when I looked at the forecast on Thursday and realized, much to my dismay, that there were likely to be thunderstorms all afternoon today with temperatures reaching a whopping 63 degrees. Whoopdedoo. Go figure.

So instead what has ended up happening is I woke up at 7 (because I am incapable of sleeping in, which has always been a curse really. Talk about every single sleepover in my life consisting of waking up on Saturday morning's laying there staring at the ceiling thinking about how starving and bored I was until 12:00 p.m. when my friend would FINALLY wake up.) and came downstairs to watch my version of Saturday morning cartoons, "So You Think You Can Dance."

But I mean, we've gotten out of the house at least once today to go to the gym. And I know you're thinking how ambitious of me that is, but really even that was pretty ineffective. Mostly I just went to the drinking fountain more than necessary and skipped the last three exercises so that I could do abs. Which really just consisted of laying on the big blue mat, listening to the Ellie Goulding Pandora station, looking down at my legs as I thought about how I really should have shaved this morning, inspecting the new freckles on my arms, and scrolling through Instagram while I pretended to do some crunches every now and then.

Then we came home where I have managed to sit on the couch, paint at least 9 coats of nail polish on my nails, (because it's the dumb light pink (cheap) kind that you can't see unless you go over the original coat 97 times, so it never actually dries and your nails always look ugly, bumpy, and weird. But you always believe that it will be different when you do it again, so here I am attempting it again, wherein I am 99.9 percent I will end up with the same results as I always do.) apply a mask, and beg Taylor to let me tweeze his unibrow. And gosh, "what a baby" is what I told him as he practically cried and flinched to an unnecessary degree every time I pulled out a hair. He told me I should just love him for him, but I'm superficial and told him that I would love him more when he had two eyebrows.

Gosh, fingers crossed that next Saturday is looking 80 degrees and sunny.


  1. Bahahahhaaaaa!! Great post! Bill and Taylor share similar sentiment regarding the whole eyebrow thang. DO THEY NOT UNDERSTAND OR APPRECIATE THE FAVOR WE DO THEM??? Heaven forbid either of them ever get a hang nail...


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