Love Knows No Age

The other day I volunteered to watch our friend's kids for a few hours while they went to important doctor conventions (cause he is one...a doctor that is).

They have four kids but we would just be watching the younger two on account of the older kids being with their grandma and grandpa for the week. And I was giddy with excitement for the following reasons:

1. We have friends! (Yes, I'm still on that. It's still such a novelty!)
2. I love these kids. They're the kind of kids who love you within seconds of meeting them and for no apparent reason that you can gather other than the fact that they think you are "pwetty" (which, I think the fact that I kind of look like their own mom has something to do with it) and your husband is "fun and funny!" The other day the 4-year-old girl Bella pointed to me and said to her mom, "I like huw because she's pwetty! To which her mom asked, "But Bella, what's more important, being pretty on the outside or being pretty on the inside?" "Outside!" Bella responded without hesitation. (don't worry, later she proved that she really did know the correct answer.)

The babes came over and Taylor had to work late so it was just me and them playing house, acting as if they were my own just waiting for "Daddy" to come home. We played on the one random swing we have in the 20 sq. ft. field by my house doing the "spider"while swinging, painted nails, played with Happy Meal toy cars that were already breaking, ate chicken nuggets on the grass, and cleaned up the sticky suckers left on the sofa. It was 2 hours of a dream come true I tell you.

A little later, Taylor walked in the door after a 10-hour work day with hours more of work ahead of him. I put together a quick dinner for him (and by that I mean I warmed up leftovers) while the kids chased each other around the house and begged him to come upstairs so that they could show him how they do cartwheels on our bed. Taylor played with them for a solid 30 minutes before retiring to his "office" (which is actually basically an empty room with a computer and an ugly desk that happens to be under it) and in that time Bella realized she had fallen in love.

While Taylor was a few feet away, she tapped my leg and motioned for me to lean down so that she could tell me a secret. "I love yo husband" she breathed into my ear. (She kept forgetting his name so she just kept referring to him as "my husband." "Yo husband is home?!" "Whewe did yo husband go?" "Yo husband is fun AND funny!) "And I have a pwesent fo him...but it's at my house...and I have to make it fost."

And then my heart grew 3 inches that day.

Disclaimer: The following pictures are terrible quality, but what it lacks in quality it makes up for in...quantity? Quantity over quality is what I never say...except when it comes to clothes in which, that is what I always say. 

Just stealing her heart one food face clean-up at a time. 
These kids! 
I could die...
Leaving their mark.