Noteworthy Accounts.

100% irrelevant. And just as necessary.
My niece wearing my extensions and saying over and over again how beautiful she looks. 

In the last week, here are the things that have happened that are know, depending on how high maintenance your entertainment standards are...

Ahem...and they include:

  • Drinking a 32 oz. drink of Dr. Pepper in 7 minutes on account of arriving to work with only minutes to spare and not being able to bring the drink in with me, but refusing to let it go to waste. Wherein that resulted in at least an hours worth of feeling like my stomach might explode...which turned out to be surprisingly worth it. 
  • Driving around in the scorching heat refusing to turn on the air conditioner based on the mere fact that it was 47 degrees the day before and in order to fully utilize this beloved day of heat it meant some real sacrifice in the name of justice. Do you know? 
  • Finishing the season of "Ready for Love" and crying at the proposal at the end, because how could you not? 
  • Going to a rodeo and realizing that they really aren't for me, because 1. How would human men like it if their treasures were tied up the way they tie up the bulls'?! And also, I just finished reading Black Beauty for the first time ever and suddenly I'm like a real advocate for animal rights or something? 2. The riders. They could have died! 3. It felt like 1 degree outside. So naturally I associate rodeo's with misery now. 
  • Finding really especially chubby pictures of Taylor as a child and getting really excited at the chance our babies have at being considerably squishy little humans. Because my childhood pictures consist of bird legs and clothes that always looked too big...but that were also too short...I was really attractive in my younger years. But well, it only took me about 21 years to grow into myself. And so I guess if they do happen to get my genes at least they'll have a lot of time to develop really good personalities, right??
  • Deciding that Cody is not in fact, the bane of my existence. And well, that is the most significant noteworthy account, I am telling you! 


  1. I love your description of yourself as a kid!!! You were a lot cuter than you give yourself credit for though.

  2. You rocked it then and you rocked it now!! Everybody loves Rachel.


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