Apps and Birthdays

On Thursday night I got a text from one of my greatest friends, Karla. She had sent me a video of herself and let me tell you, I don't think that I have ever laughed harder than I did when I opened that thing up...and then proceeded to watch it 7 more times. 

So the following morning, I woke up in a giddy sort of mood. It was my nieces birthday, and this niece well, she is something special and one of those kinds of people who you think may actually love you more than your very own parents. (Mom, Dad, you can have that one out with her.) I had already sent her birthday things in the mail but I couldn't resist sending her one last thing, a video.

So I woke up, downloaded the app, tested it out, and then woke Taylor up from laughing so hard. So once he was conveniently awake, I made him sing and record "Happy Birthday" with me. And one things for sure, you should never wake your husband up to help you sing a birthday song to your niece if you're expecting any kind of joy out of him. But I mean, did he think this could wait? Cause it couldn't!

So after a few head pats, a couple empty apologies, and a kiss on the cheek, I finally got a liiiittle something out of him.

But when it was lackluster at best, I decided to do my own  birthday wish. Which, well, see for yourself...(And also, good news! After 15 hair washes, the orange hue went away! Thank goodness for cheap, color-stripping shampoo.)

And then I proceeded to make 17 more videos and send them to people because I'm narcissistic and just couldn't get enough of myself and thought everyone else needed a little of me too. And when Taylor got out of the shower I was still laying in bed recording, re-watching, and laughing by (at) myself. (and doesn't everybody always hate that person?) To which he gave me a half smile and rolled his eyes in a "get a life" sort of fashion.

And the following video is for good measure only, (for my brother-in-law's birthday) because of all the videos I recorded, this was the only one Taylor actually laughed out loud for. And well, that was worth something!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA!!! The final wink rules the day!!!! We have been watching these over and over and over and ...


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