Never Trust A Box (but then, you probably already knew that)

I've been having this itch lately to change my hair. It has things to do with the summer, I'm sure. And why is it that summer just makes you want to be adventurous and try all things new? It's like the second June rolls into your life, suddenly you want newer, brighter nail polish, sudden senses of urgency consume you to try every slurpee flavor available, and you decide that you must buy 5,000 new items of clothing including, but not limited to, sandals, bathing suits, and oversized sunhats. I mean the online shopping (looking and longing mostly) just never stops. And does anyone know how hard it is to find juuuuust the right swimsuit online? Near impossible, I am telling you. (but not totally!)

So, my hair, sure. For,, a month and a half at least! I have been wanting to chop it all off. And Taylor, well, he's one of like the 7 guys in the entire world who actually prefers short hair to long, but then, I mean it's just so permanent(ish) and final(ish) and sometimes I think my head too large and my neck too long for short hair, and oh, I could go on and on! (back of hand to forehead with head thrown back in such distressed fashion) And are you beginning to grasp the immensity of such a dilemma?

I'm being torn in all sorts of directions and if you should know anything about me, it is that I am perhaps THE worst decision maker you will ever meet in the history of your life. Yesterday I stared at the McDonald's drive-thru menu debating between the chicken sandwich and the cheeseburger for a good five minutes. And then a car came up behind us and I felt all pressured to decide so I made a rash decision and chose the grossest burger on the menu, (which I think actually is all of them) but well, their fries at least never disappoint.

But then as I was debating about my hair, I remembered that I would never trust anyone to cut my hair short except for my sister...who lives approximately 1,100 miles away. And well, that was convenient! I really do think this whole agency thing is overrated sometimes. What a load off.

Then I decided that the next best thing to do would be to color my hair! Yes, that would take care of this incessant tugging at my soul for such change to take place. So I made Taylor come to Walmart with me last night to pick out the color, (cause I'm classy like that. And also, that's what happens when a girl doesn't live near her sisters...she starts depending on her husband for beauty advice.) wherein we stood in the aisle for a good 20 minutes while I decided and then undecided at least 17 times on just the right color.

But alas, I should have undecided and decided one more time, because now my hair is soooort of on the orange side. (Note: I was going for a reddish hue, and is that so much to ask?!)

Curse you, box color! (single-handed fist shake to the air)

(No pictures will be posted for the sole purpose that pictures do not accurately portray the real (fake) color of my hair. The pictures just make it look kind of good actually...and I'm not about to go and mislead anyone.)

Here's to better choices in the future! (aluminum can of Dr. Pepper being raised to no one in particular.)


  1. oh my. I need a picture- no matter how misleading it may be!!


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