Newspapers And Nothing Mostly

This weekend was made up of mostly nothing, but in almost every way it was the most perfect kind of uneventful weekend. No responsibilities to be found, no worrying of any kind, and the only decision to be made was what kind of popsicle flavor I would be eating next. (always pina colada.) 

On Saturday we walked to the rec center because the sun just so happened to be calling our names, asking us, beckoning us, beeegging us to come out and bask in all his glory. And so we did. Taylor in his workout attire, myself in a bathing suit, some seriously cute cover-up shorts that Taylor laughs at every time I put on, wherein I always follow up with a scowl and a "What do you know anyway?"sort of comment, and a popsicle in hand, we began our walk in the warm air that I will never take for granted for as long as I shall live. I was really not in the mood for working out, which really just seems to be the trend these days, so I opted for lap swimming instead, which I'm actually really bad at so mostly it just turned into switching off between sitting in the Jacuzzi, wading around in my lane, and glancing at the 14-year-old lifeguard boy wondering if he could actually save me if, by some unfortunate event, I started to drown, and then coming to the conclusion that it would probably end up being every man (or woman) for him (or her) self. 

Once finished with my really effective swimming exercises, we walked to the library, picked out some books that would hopefully contribute to continuing our education after college and stuff. But seriously, Taylor picked out a philosophy book in memory of his philosophy major at BYU. And all I have to say is, I would rather die. But to each their own, right?! 

And then on Sunday, we went to church, ate a lot, (cause that's what you do on Sunday's) took naps, and watched "42." Which, if you're into the inspiring, baseball, and equal rights sort of movies, you should really watch it! We both really kind of loved it. 

In other irrelevant news, the two of us made it into the local Cody paper! Our pictures only, but still! What an accomplishment, am I right? We go to Trivia with some friends every Tuesday wherein Taylor is the MVP and always knows every single answer and I never know one single one, and only go for moral support mostly. (except for the time that the category was Television Show Theme songs and the first 2 seconds of "Full House" was played and I was the only one on my team who knew it, Taylor included! He thought is was "Family Matters." What a rookie move. It was a proud moment, I'm telling you.)

Here I am, not caring about what the question was, and there Taylor is, really focused on getting the answer right. Us in a nutshell. 


  1. Bahahahaaaaa! Glad to know those childhood TV hours were well-spent!

  2. PS. Look how HAPPY you are!! Who says small-town livin' ain't GREAT?!!


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