The Pool Kind Of Days

Pool days are what I spend most of my days dreaming about in the summer. Growing up, it was mostly what 7 months out of the year consisted of and it was at least 200 degrees outside and as a result unless you were swimming, your days were spent cooped up in your humble abode until November rolled around. Being by a pool is a mostly a nostalgic thing for me I've decided, but it's also something that has just become a part of my livelihood.

But then there was that one time when we lived in Wyoming and apparently when it's only warm for 3 months out of the year people don't seem to believe that an outdoor pool is necessarily the smartest investment they'll ever make. Which, well, (eye roll) is all I have to say about that.

And I mean we do have a pool here but it's just in the dumb indoors and in the summer, well, playing in a pool just seems lost on me if you can't do it basking/burning in the sun.

Which brings me to the hotel by our house. It's about .1 miles away and while on a Sunday walk months ago, I discovered it's existence through the fence behind an alley. I instantly scoped the area to see if there was easy access into the pool, and then remembered that we live in Cody, and so of course there was!

I then committed myself to sneaking into this pool at least once a week for purposes including rule breaking and also getting the tan that I desperately deserved.

And so mostly I have lived up to my commitment...except for on my wussy days when suddenly
I get scared that I'm going to get caught. And when that happens, I make Taylor come with me for moral support but pretend that I really want him there for companionship reasons. Which he always sees through, but still (usually) comes!...and then leaves after 5 minutes because for one thing, he thinks pools are boring, but for another, homeboy has the complexion of a red head.

So on Saturday, after trying to convince him to come with me for an entire morning and telling him how much fun it would to swim together, he finally gave in. We got there, he jumped in, I touched my toe to the water, decided it was too cold, and proceeded to lay out, while he complained that I wasn't swimming with him. Wherein I told him that it wasn't my fault the water was colder than planned. To which, he rolled his eyes, and then tried to drown a spider for the next 20 minutes.

Here he is showing me the spider that he was determined to kill. And did you know pools of chlorine actually don't kill them? Talk about some serious resiliency! 

And then he did this for at least 5 minutes.

Because at least 17 of these per day are mandatory in the Godard home. 
And really, it doesn't take much to make me happy. A crappy hotel pool with a comfortable chair to lay on and well, I'm set for days. 


  1. Oh Rae Rae ~~ only you. Only Taylor. Two perfect peas in a happy little pod. :o)


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