Weddings And The City Of My Dreams

A few months ago my good friend, whose name is also Rachel! got engaged to the man she had been dating for about a year. Which, in Mormon world is like, ummm hello, when are you going to get this show on the road?! I mean I was a 3-monther...while dating long distance, wherein I think all people should follow in my footsteps, except for that I don't really. I mean I recognize this was unnatural. But like they say, when you know, you know. I really did always swear on an In-N-Out cheeseburger that I would never marry someone so quickly because I would always look at other people who did such things and think "what a dumbo" and so it serves me right that after all that judging of other people that I did just that.

So when I found out that she was getting married, I was bound and determined to be there for the blessed event. Weddings were made for me both to attend and be a part of. I have been in approximately 14 weddings and wouldn't have it any other way. I am a hopeless romantic and cry anytime I even hear about people being in true love both in real life and in the movies. "You've Got Mail"? I'm done for. "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken"? So much love in so many forms, and don't you dare tell me you've never seen it.

Taylor surprised me one day by booking my ticket to Washington (we decided he would be left behind on account of me not being to stay as long if he came and on account of way too many bachelorette parties and bridal showers for him to handle.) and a few weeks later I was off!

The morning I left for the airport, (which is a two hour drive from my where I live and was also at 2 in the morning. Death sentence.) Taylor sent me off, but not before asking if I needed food, urging me to keep my brights on the whole way, demanding that I watch out for those deer who like to come out and stare at you like they don't have 75 cousins who haven't gotten killed in such a manner, (especially given my reputation) and telling me to PLEEASE be safe, to which I responded that I felt like being unsafe that day if that was okay by him. (And good grief, did I underestimate how much I would actually miss him or what? So annoying I know, but it's the cold hard truth. Also, keep in mind that we've only been married 4 and a 1/2 months, so you'll let this one slide I'm sure.) 

So after one million hours of driving, making up songs about skunks every time the smell flooded the car vents and then my nose, waiting, flying, and pretending to be sleeping when the flight attendant came by so as to avoid any human interaction because NO ONE should be talking to anyone at such an hour, I arrived in the wonderful Seattle world. Which was like a real dream come true, I'm telling you. A city! I was in a real life city! It had been far too long. My soul knew it and so did my brain. It just felt so right.

It was rainy and perfect just like I had imagined. My friend Andria, who is also Rachel's sister, picked me up and as we drove to her home in Enumclaw, I just stared out the window in utter amazement that anyone could get to live in such a beautiful and green place. The green went on for days, people! (I had never been. The novelty!)

The bride and groom arrived within hours of me and over the next few days our time was consumed with wedding preparations, bachelorette parties that consisted of embarrassing hats and skating rinks (I am quite sure I fell at least 12 times, but when it comes to dancing, a couple roller skates never stopped me) showers, (both kinds I guess) dinners, ceremonies, and receptions.

It was the perfect wedding for a perfect couple. Except that I don't have a picture of the couple...but I do have one of me and her and that's gotta count for something, right?!

She made her dress and her bouquet!! What the??! She's just as good at sewing as she is at cooking and all that other domestic crap. Basically, the complete opposite of me. Geesh, her husband lucked out.
Her wedding photo booth. Umm cutest thing ever or what?!

Don't worry, the domesticity runs in her family. Her sister made this cake. Whaaaa?? Is what I'm sure you're thinking right along with me. Amazing. 

After the wedding festivities, my dearest Andria took me out for a day in Seattle. And well, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Really though, what is it about being in a city with your best friend that just makes life feel complete in all the right ways?

Why they don't have one of these in every city in the world, I will never know. It was just incredible is all.

Pig Van. Enough said. 

To be totally honest I'm still not quite sure what this building is, but cool, right?!

And the gum wall...along with business cards and some trash? I've finally been! 

And in the midst of all the sight seeing, we got to go shopping. Shopping, like in the flesh! There is nothing that replaces that feeling of being able to try the clothes on BEFORE you buy them, the smell that every clothes store has, and the feeling that you get as you walk up to the register to purchase your clothes over a real and tangible counter with a human sales clerk.

Well, these are just things I do not take lightly anymore!

Seattle, I just love you and your markets, your fresh fruit, your sculptures that I still can't get enough of, and your shops that go on for days.

Although I must say that I could have done without your overpriced parking. But I get it, we all have our things.


  1. Soo glad you had a fun time! I love my town! And hopefully you caught good weather. I miss it and can't wait to visit again. So fun!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun; glad you got to go. Oh, and "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken"? Yeah. Never seen it.


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