A Tale of Sleeping In the Same Bed As Your Child

I've never been big on the whole sleeping with your kids thing. I mean, I get the appeal; they're so sweet and cuddly and there's truly nothing better than holding a sleeping child; the way their hair curls from their sleepy sweat, the way they breathe and part their lips just so as they fall into the deepest of sleeps, it's just the thing dreams are made of. But the thing is, it's all pretty magical until you want to go to bed, too.

Theo hasn't slept with us since he was probably two weeks old. He was never a cuddly baby and that trait has persisted as he has grown into a toddler. This last weekend, however, we were in Utah for a wedding.We drove through the afternoon into the night and arrived at Taylor's sister's house well past his bedtime. He was wired, in an unfamiliar place and the kid would. not. sleep. So we finally gave in and decided we would let him fall asleep in our bed with us. I told Taylor to bring him into his pack 'n play as soon as he was sleeping but Taylor thought it would be okay to let him sleep with us just this once, especially since he has having such a hard time. Having many, many nieces and nephews I was prepared for how the night would go, but Taylor, having never slept with a child before thought about how "cute" it would be to have him sleep with us. So, I gave in thinking that maybe this time would be different. And you know? It wasn't.

He eventually fell asleep and that's when the real fun started. Between the time that he fell asleep and Isla woke up for her 3 a.m. feeding it was all kind of a blur. I think I may have slept? Though I'm not entirely sure and lean more towards the not sleeping side of things.

Once fully awake, I scooted towards the edge of the bed to grab Isla out of her own bed and Theo slowly began to make his way to my side until he was sprawled out directly where I had been laying, his head down at the foot of the bed and his feet on my pillow. When I finished feeding Isla I went to move him back over to the middle of the bed but instead he turned over on his stomach and started banging his head on the bed over and over and over again.Why, you ask? Only he knows.

As the head banging subsided, I was eventually able to move him over so I could attempt to fall asleep but it was then that he decided he would rather sleep on top of me rather than beside me, because why wouldn't he want to? I imagine in his one-year-old mind he must have thought, "What is the most uncomfortable position I can lay in so that it affects everyone sleeping on this bed?" And then he thought, "Eureka! (he has a very advanced vocabulary) I'm going to lay my entire body across my mom's chest with my head hanging off one side of her, my feet hanging off the other and then I can kick my dad for rest of the night!" And so he did.

At one point Taylor sat up and said with just enough frustration for me to think it was hilarious, "Theo! Stop. Kicking. Me." But since he was (perhaps?) still asleep the kicking persisted until the break of dawn when Theo made it known that he was actually awake by crawling all over us, pointing at everything in sight and asking, "Wasss dat?"

As Taylor stood up to make his bottle, I said, "Never, ever, ever again." Without turning around he walked out the door and said, "EVER."

The End