Some Days

Yesterday was a day like most days. Nothing noteworthy or spectacular and in fact, there were many moments wherein I found myself counting to three in hopes that by the time I reached one of the most used numbers in the parental vocabulary that I would magically have an increased amount of patience. And you know, it worked! Some of the time!
And I've come to this realization that for every incredibly frustrating thing your toddler does, they somehow know how to make up for it ten fold by being the cutest human on the planet.
That was Theo yesterday. Lots of crying and whining and disobeying and just when I thought I was going to lose my brain, I turned the corner dressed and ready for the day and he ran over to me and started to rub my five month pregnant tummy and said, "Cuuuuuuuute, Mommy! Super Cute!" And instantly all my frustrations dissipated into the abyss of nothingness and I was reminded why two year old's are like magic.
Later that day we headed to the park where my little Isla was extra sensitive and needed lots of extra love and my little Theo wandered off like a mile away from me and I had to chase after him and each time I got closer to him he ran farther and faster because it was hilarious, obviously. And on one hand it was kind of cute and I couldn't help but laugh but on the other hand my pregnant body couldn't keep up with him and I had a very sad little girl in one arm while trying to catch him with my other and then I stepped in BBQ sauce and then all the dirt and sand started to build up in my sandals and then worked its way to my sticky, saucy toes and when I finally did catch him he decided he was too tired to walk the five miles back to the park and wanted me to carry him.
"Hode you, Mommy, hode you."
"Sorry Theo boy, you are too heavy for Mommy to carry while I'm carrying Isla."
"You too heavy, Mommy?"
"Yep, that too."
He didn't like my answer though so instead of accommodating he turned into dead weight and as I half dragged and half carried him by his arm back to the stroller he laughed and more dirt stuck to my toes. And a part of me laughed and the other part cried and by the grace of all that is good in this world we somehow made it back to the stroller where I promptly packed the kids up and we headed home.
Upon our arrival home, I walked to my bedroom and collapsed on my bed counting down the minutes until Taylor would be home with the pizza I asked him to pick up because, yeah, this was a pizza kind of day.
Not 15 seconds after laying in bed I felt a little Theo body climb up next to mine. He stared at me, his face inches away from mine, and then he laid his cheek on my cheek. Then he sat up, turned his hand into a loosely clenched fist and gently began rubbing my face with his knuckles. Then he laid his cheek back on mine and did it all over again.
And would you know that he did it again? That magic thing that is unexplainable and amazing to all parents alike. An instant smile spread across my face and he wrapped his arms around my neck and told me how much he loved me, and really he just has no idea how much my love trumps his.
Shortly after this magical episode, my knight in shining khaki pants walked through the door with what might as well have been a box of gold. Four pieces of pizza and a can or two of Dr. Pepper later, we turned on Toy Story for our family movie night but since this was roughly the 57th time Theo has chosen that movie for movie night Taylor and I retreated to our bedroom where we laid down and talked about our days and made just the appropriate amount of intervening as we heard the beginnings of Isla pulling all the trash out of the garbage and then again when it just felt too quiet, so quiet that you could practically hear the red pizza sauce being dropped onto the living room rug and lo, parenting instincts are real.
And then behold, the earth rotated and the sun went down and it was bedtime. They went to sleep without even so much as a whimper and Taylor and I treated ourselves to half-priced banana cream milkshakes at Sonic (half priced after 8pm all summer long! You're welcome) and played Boggle and fought over which words were actual words and whether or not you can use proper nouns (much to my dismay you cannot) and he won. Because he always wins.
And it was a good day. A really good day.


  1. I'm so glad you wrote this all down! Cuuuuute! Super cute, Rachel!


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