A Bad Shootout Coupled With A Burger Outing.

While at work on Friday, I suddenly got this insatiable craving for hamburgers, which happens roughly 6-7 times a week. I thought about the food that we had at home waiting for us in the fridge and once I remembered that it consisted of a head of lettuce and a bottle of ketchup, I decided that it was vital to our bodies and souls to go out to eat that night. So, I did a quick assessment of all the places in town, decided on the one with the best burger reputation, made up a reason that I needed to take a break that very second, and stepped outside to call Taylor to inform him about our plans for the night. As it turns out, once you're married the asking out and dating roles take on this sudden role reversal. Tell me, is this a common rule?

 I told him that we would be walking to dinner, (because our entire summer WILL be spent in the nostalgic comfort of the sun...even though it happened to be rainy (but just barely!) and cloudy but it was over 60 so to the absent sun I said, "who needs you anyway?!") eat hamburgers at a really old bar, (that I later found out had the grossest bathrooms of all mankind with yellow cloth curtains for stall doors buuuut they also had in-n-out tasting fries which really turned out to be quite the redeeming quality, because if you know me in real life you know that in-n-out holds all the joy and happiness one (I) could ever need) and would then head down the street for a shootout show that they do here every night in the summer right in front of "The Irma" hotel. Gosh, sometimes talking about the things that we do here for fun makes me re-realize what a weird place it is that we live.

So once I presented my really well thought out plan, he agreed and I impatiently waited out the next two hours until I would be able to eat the burger that would make me feel like a human again, because well, hunger is my arch nemesis in case you didn't know. One time, someone asked me what I was most afraid of in life and after about 4 and a half seconds of thinking about it, I said without a shred of doubt in my being, that it would be going hungry...both for me and all surrounding parties. One sister in particular (you know who you are) refuses to go anywhere with me if I so much as make a little tiny hunger whimper. But I guess I've brought it upon myself, really.

Anyway, the burgers were pure and utter heaven, (just as they always are) and the shoot out was a bust (just as it always is)? They put on this whole dumb show that was really terrible and about 15 minutes in Taylor leaned over and said, "Ready to go?" and without saying a word, I grabbed his hand and we walked on over to the next street where things were likely to be looking up. But really, that's what you get for going to free things that take place in blocked off streets. And also, I have concluded that bad acting must run in the Wyoming water or something.

So then we stopped by a candy shop where I just so happened to get all the kinds of candy that Taylor hates which, let me tell you is a hard thing to do...but not impossible! Then we walked home, which just so happens to be like 7 miles straight uphill! (but not really, because the town isn't even that big) and then we sat on the couch for about 30 minutes before I convinced the man to watch Warm Bodies with me. And so we did, and uhhh I loved it! And when it ended I went online to find the soundtrack for the movie all so that I could find one single song that I couldn't stop dreaming about. And then I proceeded to listen to it for the next 2 and a half hours straight...and am still listening to said song as we (I) speak (write).

There now, it's like you were practically there with me!

And now for some pictures! (All in Sepia, for obvious reasons.)

Anxiously waiting for the show to begin!...I was hopeful at least. Take note of the lady behind me.
Frankly that sort of thing is just not that unusual.  

Their stage. All terrible actors, bless their hearts. 

It's Bill Cody himself! (aka Buffalo Bill. History lesson for the day!)

The tourists here LOVE all these dumb things and they thought the show was hilarious. I don't get it. 

On our walk home, we found this Grandma to tell me some stories. (I'm not kidding.)


  1. I love that picture of your profile with the 1800s in the background! It's stunning!


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